Logo of SRFTI
सत्यजित रे फिल्म एवं टेलीविज़न संस्थान
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
An Academic Institute under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Govt.of India
Logo of SRFTI


Notable works of our recent ex-students

saurav rai

“SRFTI has been a place which allowed me to discover nyself and those 4 years were very crucial to shape my thought and knowledge.”
— Saurav Ray

Saurav Rai’s feature film Nimtoh (invitation) was awarded –
Winner of Prasad DI & Quebe DCO Award in 2018 Work in Progress, NFDC Film Bazar.

Hong Kong Asian Film Forum, Winner of HAF Goes to Cannes Award,2019. Feature Film Development at the NFDC Co-Production Market for sophomore ‘Eternity’ Anantah, 2019 MAMI, India Gold Selection, 2019-Grand Jury Award.

dominic sangma

“For me true true encounter with cinema happened only in SRFTI. Film school might not be mandatory for all but for a person like me coming from a remote village in Meghalaya and with low economic background it would not have been possible to get access to such beautiful films which SRFTI have in its library, books and latest equipment to work it. Whatever little things I am doing today in cinema is because of this space called SRFTI.”
— Dominic Sangma

Dominic Sangma is working on his second film called Rapture, which won Hubert Bais Fund for Development, he got a Dutch and Korean Coproducers.