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National and international awards, and coveted selections at the most prestigious film festivals of the world are quite a regular feature of SRFTI’s achievement graph. Take a quick tour of the archive of accolades SRFTI has received so far.

SRFTI is credited with the unique distinction of being selected for participation in CANNES FILM FESTIVAL consecutively for 4 years in the Cinéfondation category.

Oru Paathira Swapnam Pole (Malayalam)

Director: Sharan Venugopal
Executive Producer: Prateek Bagi
Cinematography: Koustabh Mukherjee
Editor: Jyoti Swaroop Panda
Sound: Pathik Sonkar
Award: Best Film on Family Values 67th national Film award


Director: Sreecheta Das
Executive Producer: Abhay Parveen Gupta
Cinematographer: Prabhdeep Singh
Editor: Aniruddha Chakraborty
Location Sound Recording: Kinkini Deb & Kalhan Raina
Sound Design & Mix: Anindit Roy
Award: Best Editing Film, Mumbai International Film Festival, 2020

Look At The Sky

Director: Ashok Veilou
Executive Producer: Sneha Metta
Cinematographer: Jithu George
Editor: PousheruNgade
Sound: Sandeep Singh
Award: Best Short Fiction, 12th International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kerala
Best Short Fiction, Kalpanirjhar film Festival 2019
Best Short Film, 24th Kolkata International Film Festival


Director: Gaurav Puri
Award: Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award for best Documentary Film


Director: Sharad Uikey
Award: First Prize(Gold), Chitrakatha ‘19 design Olympics

Nawabi Baluchari

Dir: Trisha Banerjee
Award: Second Prize(Silver), Chitrakatha ‘19 design Olympics
Best Animation film, Roots of Europe International Festival

An Irrelevant Dialogue

Director: Moinak Guho
Cinematography: Kenneth Cyrus
Sound: Arkadeep Karmakar
Edit: Eshan Sil
Executive Producer: Swatilina Samanta, Amitabha Das
Award: Best Cinematography, Munich International Filmschool festival 2019

Ma Tuki

Director: Suchana Saha
Award: First Prize, Simorgh International Film Festival, Iran
Best Animated short film viewer choice, TASI (Animation Society of India)
Special Mention in the emerging artist, TASI (Animation Society of India)
VGIK International Student Film Festival – Jury Mention


Direction: Kunjila
Cinematography: Rakesh Dharan
Sound: Kalhan Raina
Edit: Ritika Poddar
Award: Second Best Short Film, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kerala.

Gudh (Nest)

Director: Saurav Rai
Cinematographer: Abhishek Basu Roy
Editor: Jishnu Sen
Sound Recordist & Designer: Ankita Purakayastha
Awards: Best Editing (Non feature film),64th National Award
Jury Special Mention, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, 2017
Selected in Cinefondation (Cannes) 2016


Direction – Christo Tomy
Cinematography – Dhanesh Raveendranath
Editing – Gautum Nerusu
Sound- Anuroop Kukreja
Award: Best Direction, 63rd National Film Award for 2015

Edpa Kana

Director/Screenwriter – Niranjan Kumar Kujur
Cinematographer – Naresh K. Rana
Editor – Annapurna Basu
Sync Sound/Mixing – Moumita Roy
Award: Best Audiography, 63rd National Film Award for 2015

Daddy Grandpa & My Lady

Director: Kim Jung Hyun
Cinematographer: Kishor Kumar
Editor: Ayush Trivedi
Sound Recordist & Designer: Aniruddh
Award: Special Jury Mention, IDSFFK 2016

Randu Kurippukal (Two Notes)

Direction: GireeshKumar.K
Cinematography: Appu Prabhakar
Editing: Sudipto Shankar Roy
Audiography: Arijit Mitra
Awards: Best Short Film, SIGNS 2016
Best Short Film, 21st Kolkata International Film Festival.

Tou Tai

Director: Ashoke Veilou
Award: Best Short Film, 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival.

,h4>Towards The Silver Lining

Director: Bhabani Tamuli
Awards: Best Film on Family Values, 62nd National Film Award for 2014

Mazda & Co.

Director: Malcolm Dara Mistry
Camera: Abhishek Basu Roy
Edit Saptarsi Mondal
Sound : Anuroop Kukreja
Awards: Best Film (Short fiction upto 10 min) NSFA, 2015

Key Square

Director: Shamik Kumar Rakshit
Cinematography: Hitesh Kantilal Liya.
Editing : Prasoon Prabhakar
Sound Design: Pintu Ghosh
Awards: Best Screenplay (Short fiction above 10 mins and upto 30 mins), NSFA 2015

Sewing Machine

Director: Samiran Dutta
Cinematography: Ankit Arya
Award: Best Cinematography (Short fiction above 10 mins and upto 30 mins), NSFA 2015

For Children Only

Sound: Mikhial Marak
Award: Best Sound Design (Non-fiction ), NSFA 2015


Director: Gireesh Kumar K.
Camera: Prasoon K.
Edit: Sudipta Shankar Roy
Sound : Sanu P
Award: Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award, Kolkata International Film Festival, 2014

You Are Rot

Director: Christo Tomy
Awards: Best Music Video, 7th IDSFFK, 2014


Direction: Christo Tomy
Cinematography: Lalitha Prasad Kalluri
Editing: Gautum Nerusu
Sound: Arka Ghosh

In the 90’s in a convent in Kerala, Sister Philomena is seriously ill while all the others are preparing for the anniversary of the convent school. Sister Nirmala who looks after sister Philomina is assigned to be with the actress Urvasi, the chief guest for the function. Sister Nirmala’s happiness has no bounds as it the same actress she has a deep fascination for, which the rest of the convent is not aware of. Things take a decisive turn when, on the day of the anniversary sister Nirmala is asked to stay back and look after Sister Philomina whose condition has unexpectedly deteriorated.

Awards: Christo Tomy (Jury Special Mention Fiction up to 10 mins, NSFA 2014) Christo Tomy (Best Debut Film Of A Director, 61st National Film Awards, 2013)
Jury Special Mention, Kalpanirjhar Film Festival, 2014

Rong’ Kuchak

Direction: Dominic MegamSangma
Camera: Tojo Xavier
Edit: RenjithKuzhur
Sound: ImonChakravorty

“No tribe has triumphed without a poet and no poet has triumphed without his tribe” – Mahmoud Darwish Through Ianche, a Garo poet, the film tries to understand what it feels to be a poet without a written Language. Once this saddening truth is felt and understood in its entirety can you write again? The Garos(a tribe from Meghalaya) have their own language but no script to write and hence they have been using the English alphabet for centuries now. Ianche, an accomplished poet finds himself tormented and unable and unwilling to write anymore. He can see his people completely abandoning their rich culture and he believes that the only way to save himself and them is to author a script.

Awards:Dominic MegamSangma (Best Film Fiction 10 mins – 30 Mins., NSFA, 2014)

Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan

Director: Mithila Hegde
Cinematographer: Dhanesh Raveendranath
Editor: Annapurna Basu
Sound Recordist & Designer: Arka Ghosh

“My routine is Namaz and Art, Namaz and Art, Namaz and Art…”says Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan. At 105, he is the oldest living (and practicing) Hindustani vocalist in the country. The film portrays his profound perspective on music, spirituality and life.

Awards:Mithila Hegde (Best Film Non Fiction up to 30 mins, NSFA, 2014) Arka Ghosh (Best Sound Design Non Fiction (up to 30 mins), NSFA, 2014)


Direction: Kim Jung Hyun
Camera: Arnold Fernandes
Edit: Ayush Trivedi
Sound: Aniruddh

An old man finds out a strange marble while he is dozing off in his living room.

Awards:Kim Jung Hyun (Best Film Fiction up to 10 mins, NSFA, 2014)

Mokama Fast Passenger

Direction: Subhadro Chowdhury
Camera: Anubhab Kabir
Edit: Yagyapriya Gautam
Sound: Aparna Das

Mohan is a labour contractor, who works for a construction company. He shares a relation with Sabita in the city. On the contrary, Rakhi and her father-in-law waits in the village for Mohan to return. Occasional money order comes but Mohan doesn’t return. Rakhi finds escapade from her daily mundane life, when she goes to feed Jogi, a truck driver. They share a silent relation. One day, Mohan plans to leave the city. He catches a train to his village.

Awards: Yagyapriya Gautam (Best Editing Fiction 10 mins – 30 Mins., NSFA, 2014)

Between The Rains

Direction: Samimitra Das
Camera: Siddhartha Diwan
Edit: Rashmima Dutta
Sound: Bina C. Amakkadu

The story is about the city, where people from all parts of the country come in search of work and embark on their own individual journeys. Priorities and choices we  make as individuals under circumstances make us who we are. Honesty has an opportunity cost and our stakes get defined by it. All the characters in the film at different stages of breaking out from their compartmentalized identities that society forces upon them. Some individuals stay inside  and revolt by being indifferent and ignoring the need to make a choice which affects the other person. They end up staying in their own little islands. While others, take a higher risk, put more at stake, faith in a chance encounter and having the belief that they will connect with each other.

Awards: Rashmima Dutta (Best Editing short fiction above 10 mins., NSFA)

Daak Nouka

Direction: Rohitaswa Mukherjee
Camera: Ramanuj Dutta
Edit: Avik Mondal
Sound: Nilotpal

“DAAK NOUKA” is a fairytale film  about a small coastal village and the people living there. It is a linear documentation of their day to day monotonous life with the help of  a few subtle abstractions. Every character of this fairytale gives birth to freedom to their internal  desire …and life goes on.

Awards: Rohitaswa Mukherjee (Best Script, NSFA)


Direction: Shakeel Mohammad
Camera: Rukma Readdy
Edit: Atanu Mukherjee
Sound: Sudipto Mukhopadhyay

This story is about a boxer Hatim who like his failed father is on the verge of losing it all. He is in debt, he is losing his matches and has stopped communicating with his wife. He struggles with the guilt and the agony of having lost his father. Doyam in Urdu, means “second”. But is it second failure or second chance?

Awards: Sudipto Mukhopadhyay (Best Sound Design short fiction above 10 mins., NSFA)

Song Of The Butterflies

Direction: Torsha Banerjee
Camera: Rohit Singh Rana
Edit: Swapnita Roychoudhury
Sound: Anindit Roy

In a world bustling with lights and colors , a small blind school, situated in a remote village of Eastern India, is striving with a different spasm for life. It’s a story of an organic relationship between a space and a few blind characters. Adoori, a small ten year old girl shows her boxes full of earrings and bangles , her new clothes… and lives with the belief that ‘ I am beautiful’, whereas Hasibullah, a 7 year old boy imitates the sounds arounds him  and connects the world with his own symphony. Yasin , Tabassum , Shumon , Gautam… Each character comes with a unique story to tell and flows with the rapturous mood of the film. This documentary is a glimpse of the conversations, rolling between a few unlit eyes and an unknown space.

Awards: Torsha Banerjee (Jury Special Mention, NSFA)

Birds Of Passage

Direction : Ashim Paul
Camera : Anil Pingua
Edit: Shivanshu Pathak
Sound : Sulagno Banerjee

Both of them were alienated Then they met . They spoke to each other. They shared  personal memories. Hesitation  created  distances between them. Both of them fought their own emotions. Gradually, they became good friends. Was it really supposed to happen? Where has their feminine ego gone?

Awards: Anil Pingua (Best Student Cinematographer Award Of The Year, Kodak)


Direction: Mohan Kumar Valasala
Camera: Sunny Lahiri
Edit: Charitra Gupt Raj
Sound: Iman Chakraborty

The permanence of elements defines the basic character of any space. A space may have a tendency towards being incoherent for the average human perception.For everyday inhabitants the seemingly uninhabitable space becomes in contrast , a part of their accustomed daily life. The presence of elements coupled with the routine of the inhabitants from the crux of ‘Panchabhuta’.

Awards: Mohan Kumar Valasala (Jury Special Mention)
Sunny Lahiri (Navroz Contractor Award for Best Cinematography)
Best Film (Nonfiction), National Students’ Film Award
Charitra Gupt Raj (Best Editing (Nonfiction), NSFA)
Iman Chakraborty (Best Sound Design (Nonfiction), NSFA)

Sita Haran Aur Anya Kahaniyan

Direction: Anusha Nandakumar
Camera: Nikhil Arolkar
Edit: Diksha Sharma
Sound: Sujoy Das
Music: Satyaki

This is a short experimental film of a storyteller and his world of stories. When his daughter dies, he loses his motivation to tell his stories and the character in his stories starts taking over. He lives in an illusionary world where he is unable to distinguish between his characters anymore, and gets stuck between reality and fiction.

Awards: Anusha Nandakumar (Best Music Video,  I D S F F, Kerala)

Thug Beram

Direction: Venkat S Amudhan
Camera: Tarun K. Rakeshiya
Edit: Swapnita Roy Choudhury
Sound: Vineet Vashistha

Life is programmed from events happening around one’s surroundings where nothing is right or wrong but things just move on relentlessly. Firoz’s life revolves around his work in the café. It is in this café that an event becomes a part of Firoz. What happens in the end and who is at the receiving end is not as important as the impact it creates on Firoz as he witnesses life around him ‘lived’, which is what ‘Thug Beram’ is about.

Awards: Venkat S Amudhan (Sonje Award 16th Busan International Film Festival)

Best Film Short fiction upto 10 mins. National Students’ Film Award


Dir: Shumona Banerjee
Camera: Raghavendra Matam
Edit: Manas Mittal
Sound: Avik Chatterjee

Can hope be found in the most unusual places among the most unlikely characters? A young women transvestite prostitute, Kusum, locked up in her room, gears up for a regular night like any other. Just then enters Purab, an out of job English literature teacher suffering from Tourette syndrome and obsessive compulsive behavior. Without a clue of the local language, he spents his meager savings to spend one night with a girl and finds himself stuck  with a boy! Both can’t understnd what the other is saying. All hell breaks loose! Will these two people, manage a connection? Perhaps like a flowerbud bursting through a crack in the wall, an unexpected begining will see them through.

Awards: Shumona Banerjee

  • Silver lamptree award (2nd prize best short film), IFFI,short film centre, International short film & documentary competition, Goa
  • Silver Busho,  Busho/ Budapest international short film festival, Budapest
  • Best campus film – shorts & documentary film festival Hyderabad
  • Silver Comma (best short fiction) alpaviram south asian short & Documentary film festival, NID, Ahmedabad
  • Riyad Wadia award for best emerging Indian filmmaker, Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, Mumbai
  • Best film & best editing: Cut.In film fest, TISS,
  • Best short film (2nd prize best short film) Asian video awards, Chennai
  • Best short film (2nd prize best short film) video vision, NSIT, Surat


The Boxing Ladies

Direction: Anusha Nandakumar

Camera: Rahul Deep Balchandran
Edit: Diksha Sharma
Sound: Sujoy Das

Zainab, Bushra, and Sughra are sisters. They are muslim and they are national level boxers. ‘The Boxing Ladies’ is a story of this incredible family of women, of their strong will to survive in  society and make a mark.

Awards: Anusha Nandakumar (Rajat Kamal, Best film on Sports, 58th National Film


Direction: Snehal Nair
Camera: Sayak Bhattacharya
Edit: Tinni Mitra
Sound: Ayan Bhattacharya

This is a story of a boy who is afflicted by cancer and makes an album of black and white passport picture that he found as a child.  His brother is a filmmaker and he sees this book.  Inspired after watching the pictures, he begins to collect pictures of the metropolis where they live, observing the changing horizon of the city.

Awards: Snehal Nair (Swarna Kamal, best Non Feature Film in the 58th National Film  Award)
Tinni Mitra (Best Editor, Non Feature film,  58th National Film Award 2010)
Sayak Bhattacharya (Best cinematography, Munich International Film Festival of Film Schools)
Snehal Nair (Best experimental film, 13th International Student Film Festival,Tel-Aviv)

Pocha Apple

Direction: Srinath Ravulapalli
Camera: Arindam Bhattacharyya
Edit: Apratim Chakraborty
Sound: Nairit Dey

A mentally challenged middle-aged woman living on the Kolkata streets meets  man,  similar to herself in many ways  on a rainy night. After the initial refusals towards  courtship from the women, stubborn and intense, the man succeeds in winning the woman’s company and friendship. Soon the sociopolitical developments in the city affects their relationship and lead to their separation. Alone and impassionate, the woman moves to deserted fields in the outskirts and find solace in the loneliness. The man returns and searches for the woman. When he eventually meets her, he realizes that things are not same, leading to a tragic end

Awards: R.Srinath (Best Film, Bonjour India Festival)
First prize (Joint winner); Best Diploma Film at the Campus France Film School
Competition of Diploma Films

My Armenian Neighborhood

Direction: Samimitra Das
Camera: K Appalaswamy
Edit: Reshmima Dutta
Sound: Avik Chatterjee

The documentary takes a look at the Armenian community in Kolkata, The Americans  had arrived much before the city had its name.  They are credited with having built the oldest building of the city, apart from having a unique identity of their own.

Awards: K.Apalla Swamy (Best cinematographer 3rd I D S F F, Kerala)

Lal Juto

Direction: Shweta Merchant

Camera: Harindar Singh
Edit: Saikat Sekhar Roy
Sound: Sreemanti D Sharma

Shweta Merchant was at her wit’s end when her chosen child actor came down with fever on the day of the shoot. It was monsoon and  then, by a lucky chance, she found’ the sweetest girl who fitted  well in the film’ just fifteen minutes before call time.  Lal Juto is about the first stirrings of romance in a fifteen-year-old boy’s heart for his otherwise annoying fourteen-year-old neighbor, the serendipitous moment of discovering the child actor fell in line with the theme of the story.

Awards: Sweta Marchent (Best creative idea, 11th Shanghai International Film    Festival.)


Direction: Tridib Poddar
Camera: Parixit Warrier
Edit: Soumendu Bhattacharjee
Sound: Partha Pratim Barman

A man goes looking for his friend who has been missing for  ten years. His friends mother lives alone with memories in their house. In  search of the friend our protagonist travels through a wide  spectrum of life – he meets people, he meets mountains, rivers. What exactly happens with his psyche is what we experience through the visual story telling.

Awards: Tridib Poddar (IDPA Award (Best first film) /MIFF)

Tridib Poddar (Best Director BFJ Award)

Shundar Jeebon

Direction: SandipChatterjee
Camera: Mrinmoy Nandi
Edit: Malay Laha
Sound: Arijit Pal

This is the story of a writer who lives in Kolkata. He was married. One day his wife deserts him. Now he is suffers from  writer’s block, unable to write anything. He stays  in an old house in the country, with an elderly woman… a widow away from the city. The incessant mating calls of the cuckoo disturbs him. He cannot stand the sweetness of it’s tone. On one such afternoon, an old friend Shanti comes looking for him. Shanti narrates talk of ideal love that he happened to witness between a young couple  they both knew in the course of this discussion, it is revealed that Shanti has lost his wife just the day before. Shanti did not bother to go and attend her funeral. Is he sad? Sundar Jeebon is the unpleasant  taste of beauty.

Awards: Sandip Chatterjee (Best Short Fiction, National Award,2003)

Abhiman Band Party

Direction: Siladitya Sanyal
Camera: Anirudh Garbyal
Edit: Sudip K. Chatterjee
Sound: Tapan Bhattacharjee

Tapas clings to a tacky band party business, acquired from his late father. Tapas hates Monoj (his mother’s lover). Inspite of mother’s dislike for dogs, Tapas decides to bring home an Alsatian puppy. He confides in Shanti (sister in law) and borrows some money from her to buy the puppy. His visit to Decampo’s house to get the puppy leaves him in  trepidation. Back home, the sudden discovery of the physical proximity between mother and Monoj exacerbates him. Frustrated he flings himself back to his only recluse – Shanti. An unexpected chain of coincidences truncates the futile exuberance to master fate. Tapas lies to Shanti about the accident her husband meets. And both of them are bound by passion and desire. Mother and Monoj decide to marry the next morning at Kalighat on the day of Rashlila. A celebration follows… Tapas shows his contempt… The eternal questions of love, passion and desire get readdressed through the film.

Awards: Siladitya Sanyal (Best Short Film BFJ Award)

The Egotic World

Direction: Vipin Vijay
Camera: Millind Nagamule
Edit: Pranom Dutta Majumdar
Sound: Sayandeb Mukherjee

The film is inspired by the scriptural text of ‘ Yoga Vasistham’ which explains the unfolding mystery of the life of Lord Rama. The film depicts the tale of a boy entrapped inside a ‘zone’ from which he escapes temporarily only to return and find himself elevated from the worldly pleasures. He rejects liberation and ‘merges’ into the ‘black’ bearing the sorrow of the future.

Awards: Milind Nagamule (Best Student Film in Kodak Students Festival (India))


Direction: Ritubarna Chudgar
Camera: Sampad Roy
Edit: Kallol Gangopadhyay
Sound: Tapas K. Nayak

Brother and sister live in a unfriendly city. They suffer abject poverty. In the day-to-day existence, they are constantly insulted and humiliated. Poor and unhappy, they try to recall the days when they were glad and contended. This takes them to the old house they once lived, in the suburbs. Apart from an old man living, the house is deserted. The old man allows them to spend a night there. They went there to feel happy amidst their memories, but the past has something else in store.

Awards: Ritubarna Chudgar (Best Short Fiction Film, National Film Award, 2001)

Meena Jha

Direction: Anjalika Sharma
Camera: Amal Neerad C.R
Edit: Basudev Chakraborty
Sound: Mahua Maitra

The film is about two girls. Meena and Ayesha are teenagers who study in a convent school. They are grown together even though their dreams, realities and social setup are totally different from each other. Calcutta is the backdrop of this unlikely relationship. The girl struggle to live out the first adult relationship of their lives. Ayesha is easily bored and looks for constant stimulation. She likes to live in a dream world, nightmares even. In Meena, she finds a listener one who believes all her tales blindly, one who dreams and lives through her stories. The film is a collage of shared experiences, memories, dreams and realities, held together by an un-predictable non-linear structure

Awards: Anjalika Sharma (Best Debut Film of the Director, National Film Award, 2001)

Amal Neerad C. R. (Special Mention for 48th National Film Awards)