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सत्यजित रे फिल्म एवं टेलीविज़न संस्थान
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
An Academic Institute under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Govt.of India
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The Alumni of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute have been successful in making the Institute’s presence felt in every aspect of the world of Indian cinema. Directors, cinematographers, editors, and sound recordists and designers have consistently won prestigious awards nationally and internationally in all major film festivals. The faculty of almost all other major film schools in India comprise at least one graduate from S.R.F.T.I.

S.R.F.T.I. graduates also play an instrumental role in film research in India.

SRFTI Student receiving national award from president of India

Direction & Screenplay Writing

Vipin Vijay (1st batch)

Won the Hassankutty Award at the Kerala International Film Festival in 2010 for the film “Chitrasutram”
Was also nominated for the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival for the same film in 2011.


Anjalika Sharma (1st batch)

Won the Best First Non-Feature Film of a Director in the 48th National Film Awards, 2000 for her Diploma Film “Meena Jha” produced at SRFTI.


Amal Neerad (1st Batch)

Has directed many Malayalam feature films, e.g. “Big B”, “Bachelor Party”, “Anchu Sundharikal” and had done Cinematography for Ram Gopal Varma productions viz., “James”, “Darna Zaroori Hai”, “Shiva”.


Sagar Ballary (2nd Batch)

Director of one of the superhit Bollywood films of recent times “Bheja Fry” (2007). Also directed “Kachha Limboo” (2010), “Bheja Fry 2” (2011) and “Hum Tum Shabana” (2011).


Tridib Poddar(2nd Batch)

His Diploma film “Khoj” produced at SRFTI (2000) is the first Indian students’ film which got an official selection in competition in the Cinefoundation section at Cannes Film Festival, 2002. “Khoj” also received the Best First Film of a Director (National) at MIFF, 2004 and Best Director, Short Fiction – BFJA Awards, 2002.


Anirban Dutta (3rd batch)

Won the 57th National Film Award (Non-Feature), jointly for Best Environment/Conservation/Preservation Film & Agricultural Film for the film “In For Motion” (2009).


Haobam Paban Kumar (4th batch)

Swarna Kamal for Best Non-Feature Film for his film “AFSPA 1958” in the 56th National Film Awards, 2008.

Winner of the 57th National Award (Non-Feature) for Best Film on Social Issues for his documentary film “Mr. India”.

Served on the jury to evaluate the films in the Non-Feature Film section in the 59th National Film Awards (2011).

Bishnu Dev Halder (5th batch)

Won the 55th National Film Awards for Best Film on Social Issues for his documentary film “BagherBacha” (2007) produced at SRFTI.

His recent documentary “I was born in Delhi…” won a nomination at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2011.

student singing 2


Sakyadeb Chowdhury (7th Batch)

Independent  Cameraperson in 5 programs

Arun B. (7th Batch)

Assisted in 4 Malayalam films

Siddarth Diwan (7th Batch)

Independent  Cameraperson

K.Appala Swamy (7th Batch)

Assisting in telegu film industry, Best cameraman at South Asian Film Festival

Anil Pingua (7th Batch)

Assisting, Kodak award winner

Nikhil Satish Arolkar(7th Batch)

Independent  Cameraperson worked on 4 national award winning films

Raghavendra Bhavani Matam(7th Batch)

Rahul Deep Balachandran (7th Batch)

Ramanuj Dutta(7th Batch)

Assisting in the tv and film industry in kolkata

Anubhab Kabir(7th Batch)

2 Short film dir Biplab Majumdar, Documentary directed by Faculty of Australian film and television institute,Bengali feature film under production Dir-Premangshu Roy.‘June’ got Best cinematography award at Dwarbangha international short film festival 2013

Pooja Sanjay Gupte (6th Batch)

Assisted Rajen Kothari in Mumbai, Currently has shot various independent projects on film and video in Mumbai, has shot award wining short film

Sayak Bhattacharya (6th Batch)

Assisting K.U. mohanan and Anil Mehta in Mumbai

Manas Kumar Bhattacharya (6th Batch)

Worked independantly in various documentaries which have won international recognition

Jomon Thomas (6th Batch)

assisting as well as working independantly in the malayalam film industry. Has shot 1 feature film

V. Sivakumar (6th Batch)

has shot short films independantlyin the tamil film industry,represented SRFTI at South Asian film Festival

Praveen Kumar Bangari (6th Batch)

has shot 2 telegu films independantly

Arindam Bhattacharjee (6th Batch)

Has shot 6  feature films in the Bengali industry indepently

Rukma Reddy Petlolla (6th Batch)

Assisting in mumbai

Tuly Roy (5th Batch)

Assisting Indraneel mukherjee in kolkata on feature films

Dipayan Chaudhuri (5th batch)

working as chief Assst Cinematographer with our ex student Supriyo Roy,in Bengali films 1. Hoichoi 2.Howabodol 3.Damadol 4.Mach Misti and More
5. Sunyo

Vinod Veerakumar (5th batch)

working independantly in the south indian film Industry

Susheel Kr. Gautam (5th Batch)

Working independantly on short and documentary productions in mumbai

Yuvraj Dhir (5th Batch)

assisting in mumbai

Vikramkumar V. Amladi  (5th Batch)

Working independantly on docs and shorts in Mumbai

Sudip Subrata Sengupta (5th Batch)

assisting in mumbai

Barun De Joardar (5th Batch)

Worked independantly as feature film cameraperson both in kolkata and Mumbai

Sh. Dani Raymond J.(4th batch)

working independantly in the mainstream Hindi Film industry

Sh. Suresh Chetpalli (4th batch)

Working as faculty at RAFT, Hyderabad,Now shooting independent project.

Sh. Rupanjan Paul (4th batch)

working independantly as an independent cameraperson in the bengali feature industry

Sh-Shehnad Jalal (4th batch)

working as independent feature films in the Tamil and malayalam Film industry

Sh. Harendra Singh (4th batch)

Worked independantly as a specialised ad film cameraperson Has shot 40+ ad films and TVC’s

Sh. Basab Mullik (4th batch)

Has shot critically acclaimed feature films and documentaries which have been screened at Berlin, Rotterdam and Montreal film festivals. His work has been cited in ‘Sight and Sound’ magazine. He is also pursuing a PhD in Anthropology from John’s Hopkins University.

Sh. Joydeep Bose (4th batch)

Worked in the bengali Industry

Sh. Santosh Swarnakar (4th batch)

Assisting in Mumbai

Ms. Pooja Makker (4th batch)

Assisting in Mumbai on Feature films

Sh. Supriya Dutta (4th batch)

Independent in the bengali feature film industry

Mr. Suresh Kumar Rajan (3rd batch)

Assisting in the Malayalam film industry, and freelancing as independent docu cameraman

Mr. Kironmoy Bhunia (3rd batch)

1.Chief cameraman of Ravi Ojha Production shooting serials mainly.
2. Feature film “Action” produced by T Sarkar.(under production).

Mr. Avijit Nandy (3rd batch)

1.Independent cameraman working out of kolkata Has completed 3 features and several docus and shorts
2. Guest faculty of SRFTI at Cinematography DEPT

Mr. N. Ravi Kumar (3rd batch)

employed in the television industry

Mr. Gnana Shekar Vadasu (3rd batch)

Independantly working in the Oriya film industry

Mr. Sandip Bhattacharyya (3rd batch)

employed as faculty with RAFT Hyderabad

Mr. Nilip Deb (3rd batch)

independent feature cameraman in Mumbai

Mr. Bijitesh De (3rd batch)

Independent feature and Ad film cameraman in Mumbai

Mr. Raktim Mondal (3rd batch)

1.Assited P.C.Sreram In Cheene Kum, 2.2. Asst. Cinematographer in feature film “Ami Yashin ar Madhubala” Dir Budhhadeb Dasgupta, DoP Sunny Joseph. 3.Assited P.C Sreram in Feature Film “Kandenaal Mudal”,4.2nd Unit DoP in Feature Film “Hum Tum Sabana” Dir Sagar Ballary (Ex- Student SRFTI), 5.Assit. Cinematographer in various AD Films (over 200) shot by Ranjan Palit, P.C. Sreram, Kamal Negi, 6.Short Film for CCTV (China), “Spirituality of South-East Asia” as DoP, 7.“ Rackic Spring” for European Union. Dir Paban Habom (Ex- Student SRFTI) as DoP, 8. Documentaries for Film Division, North-East Doordarshan as DoP, 9.DoP of various commercials on Maggie, Maruti S-Star, Parle Emli, Reliance Home. 10. 4 Films for Coke foundation as DoP,11. DoP of Public Service Film produced by World Health Partner & World Bank, 12. DoP of various International Corporate Companies.

Mr. Dipak Nayakx 

Independent Ad film and TVC cameraman based in mumbai

students practice

Sound Recording & Design

Subhadeep Sengupta (1st batch: Sound Recording)

Won the National Award for Best Sound Recording for the film “Chitrasutram” (2011).

Also worked on the feature film “Chalo Let’s Go”, the documentary “Bom”, and many, many others.

Tapas Nayak (1st batch: Sound Recording)

Feature films made by Tapas as sound recordist include: Mugamoodi, Bheja Fry 2, Kachcha Limboo, Raavan, Raavaan, Khule Darwaje (short film), OM jai Jagedish, Lagaan, Once Upon A Time in India (sound assiatant)

Partha Barman (2nd batch)

Won the National Award for Best Audiography for the film “Bishar Blues” (2006).

Sanjay Chaturvedi (4th batch: Sound Recording)

Sanjay has worked on numerous feature films, short films, advertisements, and promotional films. He has also worked on several documentaries. Among his feature films are 3G, Dekh Tamasha Dekh, Kai Po Che, Tukka Fitt, Zindagai Na Milegi Dobara (Dialog Editor)

Hitesh Chaurasia (5th batch: Sound Recording)

Winner of prestigious V. Shantaram Best Sound Award for feature film “Gajar”.
Working as an Independent Sound Designer with specialisation in Sync Sound Recording for features films, documentaries, shorts and TVcommercials.

Gajaar-Journey of the soul

  • V. Shantaram Best Sound Award 2012
  • DD Sahyadri Best Sound Award 2012
  • Chitrapadarpan Puraskar Best Sound 2011

The Bright Day

  • Won Best Film & Best Director award at South Asian International Film festival New York 2012
  • Official selection at Toronto International Film Festival 2012
  • Official selection at Calgary International film festival 2012
  • Official selection for India Gold competition at Mumbai Film festival 2012

End of Love

  • Official selection at Damascus International film Festival 2010, Syria

Quarter 4/11

  • Indian Panorama, IFFII 2012 Goa
  • Official Selection at Busan International film Festival 2011
  • 24th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2011

Sin city

  • Official selection Berlin International Film Festival 2010

Chapter 3- SRFTI Diploma Film by Shrikant Agwane/ Sound Designer/2007

  • Official selection Sehsuchte, Berlin 2008-
  • Official Selection Asian Film Festival, Mumbai 2008
  •  Official Selection MIFF, Mumbai 2008
  •  Official Selection La sala, Naranja, Spain. 2008

Chachajani Ka Ghost– Mise-en-scene at SRFTI/ Sound Designer 2005

  • Official Selection One Take Festival, Zagreb-Croatia 2008.
  •  Official selection CeC & CaC 2008 at IIC, New Delhi
  •  Official selection La sala, Naranja, Spain 2008

Pritam had won the IIFA Award in 2011 for Technical Excellence and the Filmfare Award in 2011 for Best Sound Design for the film “LSD: Love, Sex, Aur Dhokka”.

Pritam Das (3rd batch: Sound Recording)

Some of his other works include:


Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl

Wedding Planners

Putaani Party

students practice shot


Tuhinabha Majumdar (1st Batch)

Winner of the Golden Conch Award at MIFF 2012 in the International Competition Section for the film “Midnight Bioscope”


Saikat S. Ray (4th batch)

Won the National Award  for Best Editor in the film “Hope Dies last in War” (2007).

Also received 2 IDPA Gold Awards for Editing for the films “Din Tak Dha” (2008) and “Many Stories of Love and Hate” (2010).


Sankhajit Biswas (4th batch)

The film “In Between Days” directed by Sankhajit was selected at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 2013.

Recently his documentary film “Dui Duranir Golpo” has been selected in many reputed international Festivals.


Atanu Mukherjee (6th batch)

The film “Monsoon Shootout” which was edited by Atanu Mukherjee was selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.


Moloy Laha

Editor of award winning film “Ichchhe”.

Editor of recent films by veteran filmmaker Sri Tarun Majumdar.


Tinni Mitra (6th batch)

National Award Winner for  the short film “GERM” (2009)


students workshop