National Seminar on Cinema In The Age Of New Media

National Seminar on 11.11.2017 @ New CRT, SRFTI.


Cinema In The Age Of New Media

Inauguration (10.00 – 10.45)

Dr. Debamitra Mitra
(Director SRFTI)

Prof. Basab Chowdhury
(Vice Chancellor, W. B. State University)

Sri. Dhritiman Chatterjee,

Tea Break (10.45-11.00)

Session1: Challenges For Today’s Television (11.00 -12.00)




Sri Abhijit Dasgupta

An analysis of current trends in research on effect of television
viewing on children

Debojyoti Chandra

Winter is here for the traditional television

Debapriya Bhattacharya

Changing trends in consumption pattern of television content

Utsa Bhattacharya

TV in pocket for long but when will it actually fit in

Somali Chakraborty

Session2: New Horizon In The Post
Modern Scenario Of Film Making (12.15-13.15)

Sri Ashoke Viswanathan

New horizon of Indian Cinema; from mainstream to art house

Debdoot Roy

VFX in Indian Cinema; A postmodern visual language

Sourav Mukherjee

Influence of post modernism in Sergio Rubini’s
‘Soul Mate (2011); An Enquiry

Pallab Mukhopadhyay

Mobile phone as the new tool of film making in the age of social

Amarta Saha

Lunch Break (13.15-14.15)

Session3: Creativity And New Media

Dr. Tapati Basu


Digital India in 21st century still fights with digitally divided
societies: A study

Somak Sen


The visual maze – How Youtube infuss hybridization of identities and binary
propositions in individuals

Sujata Mukhopadhyay

Drones in News Media; A Case Study of Drone Technology in The Indian
Media Landscape

Arkaprava Chattopadhyay

Celebrity and social media environment

Mita Biswas

MOOC: A creative challenge to the online teacher

Subha Dutta