3 day online film festival “Timeless Ray”

Films Division is organizing a 3 day film festival “Timeless Ray” from 25th to 27th Sept., 2021 and streaming of documentary films on Ray and by Ray, as a part of the Birth Centenary celebration of Satyajit Ray from 25th to 27th September, 2021.

1. Rabindranath Tagore (Satyajit Ray/Films Division/54 Mins/1961)

2. The Inner Eye (Satyajit Ray/ Films Division /20 Mins/ 1972)

3. Creative Artists of India : Satyajit Ray (B.D. Garga/Films Division/14 Mins/1974)

4. Satyajit Ray(Shyam Benegal/Films Division/132 Mins/1985)

5. Sadgati (Satyajit Ray/Doordarshan/52 Mins/1981)

6. Ray (Goutam Ghose/Govt. of West Bengal/105 Mins/1999)

7. Sukumar Ray (Satyajit Ray/ Govt. of West Bengal/ 29 Mins/1987)

8. Feluda – 50 years of Ray Detective (Sagnik Chatterjee/111 Mins/2019)

Vimeo link of “Timeless Ray” : https://vimeo.com/showcase/8864855