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Screening 28 Apr – 03 May, 2014

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Screening Schedule 28 Apr – 03 May, 2014
Main Th. 11:00 am
Repeat Screening Ko Yaad 

Preview Th. 6:00 pm
Strangers On A Train
               Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
1951/ 101 min/ English / DVD
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
Young and Innocent
             Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
1937 / 83 min / English /35 min
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
The Man Who Knew Too Much 
               Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
1956 / 120 min/ English / DVD
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
               Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
1958 /128 min /English / DVD

















Screening 21 Apr – 25 Apr, 2014

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Screening Schedule 21 Apr – 25 Apr, 2014
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
               Dir: Kalpana Lajmi
1993/ 128 min/ Hindi / 35mm
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
               Dir: Mani Ratnam
1992/ 137 min/ Hindi / 35mm
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
The Lighthouse, The Ocean and The Sea
               Dir: Ashoke Vishwanathan 
Director will be present during screening
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
Raghu Romeo 
               Dir: Rajat Kapoor
2003/ 124 min/ Hindi / 35mm
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
               Dir: Jwngdao Bodosa
1995/ 73 min/ Bobo / 35mm

















Convocation – 8th Batch

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Convocation 2014

61st National Film Award: SRFTI wins best debut film (Non-Feature)

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Congratulations Christo Tomy


Christo Tomi  Student of Direction & Screenplay Writing has won the best Debut Film Award (Non-Featute category) in National Film Awards of India 2013 for the film Kanayaka (Malayalam / E.S.T.)

Dir_ Kanyaka About the Director: Christo Tomy is a final year P.G diploma student in the Film direction and Screenplay Writing department at Satyajit Ray film and Television Institute, Kolkata, India. He has done his graduation in Mass communication and video production from Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram under the University of Kerala. He has also worked as an internship trainee at the Public Relations Department, Govt. of Kerala.

Direction: Christo Tomy
Cinematography: Lalitha Prasad Kalluri
Editing: Gautum Nerusu
Sound: Arka Ghosh

In the 90’s in a convent in Kerala, Sister Philomena is seriously ill while all the others are preparing for the anniversary of the convent school. Sister Nirmala who looks after sister Philomina is assigned to be with the actress Urvasi, the chief guest for the function. Sister Nirmala’s happiness has no bounds as it the same actress she has a deep fascination for, which the rest of the convent is not aware of. Things take a decisive turn when, on the day of the anniversary sister Nirmala is asked to stay back and look after Sister Philomina whose condition has unexpectedly deteriorated.















Screening 07 Apr-11 Apr, 2014

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Screening Schedule 07 Apr – 11 Apr, 2014
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
April Children
               Dir: Yuksel Yavsuz
1998/ 85 min/ German / 16mm
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
    Dir: Hans Christian Schmid
1998/ 99 min/ German / 16mm
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
Mise En Scene
             Dir: Batch 2 & 3 
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
Short Sharp Shock 
               Dir: Faith Akin
1988/100 min/German/16mm
Preview Th. 6:00 pm
The Tin Drum
               Dir: Volker Schlondorf
1979/142 min/German/16mm