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Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
An Academic Institute under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Govt.of India
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Independent Research Fellowship Programme

Previous Fellowship Programmes

Year Title of the Project Research Fellow Status
2017 Redefining Cinephilia: Alternate Film Collectives and Screening Practices in A Digital Age and Neoliberal Milieu Dwaipayan Banerjee Completed
The Ghungru Tells- Metamorphosis of Kathak, It’s Purity, Improvisation and Commercialization in Bollywood Indrani Das Sharma Completed
Sonified Cinema Bhudhaditya Chattopadhyay Completed
2018 Visions of a Market: A Case for Drishyam Films Trinankur Banerjee Completed
Recent Trends of Using Digital Media in India Kaustab Chakraborty Completed
Cinema in Future Ganeswara Mohapatra Completed
2019 Feminist Film Practice and Shaping the Feminist Political Subject in The Indian Documentary Kasturi Basu Completed
Reading Anglo-Indian History in Non-fiction Cinema: A Study of Select Documentary Films Shyamasri Maji Completed
A Critical Study of Bollywood’s Assimilation of the Underground Hip Hop Aesthetic Elloit Cardozo Completed
2020 Speculative Middleman: Distribution Practices in Malayalam Cinema of the 1970s and 80s. Jenson Joseph Completed
Changing Portrayal of Muslim Woman in Indian Cinema Representative Case Studies Nandita Banerjee Completed
Cinema of Jharkhand. Anuj Kumar Completed
2022 OTT Platforms and Telugu Film Industry – A Labour Perspective Ms. C. Yamini Krishna Ongoing
Understanding The Place Of Protest Through Spatial Criticism Ms. Mamta Mantri Ongoing
Disappearing Single Screens and the Exhibition of “Adult” Films in West Bengal. Mr. Sandip Chatterjee Ongoing


National Seminar Vol. 1

Date & Venue : 20.09.2014 at Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata
Recreating Climax in Post Production
Shyamal Karmakar, Prof & HOD, S.R.F.T.I.

‘Bad Climaxes: The Ineffective Arc’
A.F. Mathew, Associate Professor, IIM, Kunnamangalam

Climax in Documentary
Nishtha Jain, Filmmaker

How to End a Film: Reflections on Narrative Closure in Indian Film Socials
Subhajit Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, Jadavpur University

Ashoke Viswanathan, Filmmaker

National Seminar Vol. II

Title: Ideological Journeys; Cinema Of Mrinal Sen
Date: 31.01.2015
Venue: Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata
Part I (11 am – 1 pm)
Speakers & Papers:
Mrinal Sen – A Comradely Shoulder For Loners And Underdogs To Lean On
Vidyarthy Chatterjee, Film Scholar

‘Crow Films’: Mrinal Sen and the Structural Transformations of Bengali Cinema (1965-1975)
Maharghya Chakraborty, PhD Scholar, CSSS, Calcutta

Rise And Fall Of New Wave In India
Samik Bandopadhyay, Film Scholar

Moderator: Biren Das Sharma

Pather Panchali 60

Day 1( 19.12.2015 )
Title: The evolution of the story of ‘Pather Panchali’; how it mirrors the social reality of the time
Swapan Chakravorty, former Director of the National Library,
Supriya Chowdhury, distinguished Professor of English Literature,
Samik Bandyapadhyay, noted art critic
Anindyo Sengupta, Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Jadavpur University
Subrata Mukhopadhyay, author and academy award winner.
Amaresh Chakraburtty, Professor and HOD, Direction and screenplay writing, SRFTI.

Day 2 (20.12.2015)
Title: The influence of Pather Panchali on contemporary cinema and its relevance
Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Filmmaker
Sourav Sarangi, Filmmaker
Shaji Karun, Filmmaker
Sekhar Das, Filmmaker
Shanker Raman, Director- cinematographer
Suresh Jindal, Producer

Moderator: Ashoke Viswanathan. Filmmaker

Spectrum Satyajit 1

Date: 07.05.2016
Title: Film making process of Ray; perspective from technicians
Shri Ramesh Sen
Shri Subrato Lahiri
Shri Anil Ghosh

Moderator: Shri Sujoy Shome

Spectrum Satyajit 2

Date: 30.05.2016
Title: Satyajit Ray’s Inner Eye as Cover designer and illustrator
Shri Pronabesh Maiti
Shri Debashis Deb
Shri Debraj Goswami
Moderator: Shri Sujoy Shome


Date: 22.3.16 – 24.3.16
Title: Emerging Paradigms in Film Pedagogy
Papers & Speakers:
An outsider’s view on Film Pedagogy
Prof. Partha Ghoshe

Teaching Film Theory & Aesthetics
Prof. Amaresh Chakraburtty

Future technology in Cinema
Prof. Saikat S Roy

National Seminar Vol. III

Date: 11.11.2017
Venue: New CRT, SRFTI

Title: Cinema In The Age Of New Media

Key Note Address: Sri. Dhritiman Chatterjee, Actor

Session1: Challenges For Today’s Television

Papers and Speakers:
An analysis of current trends in research on effect of television viewing on children
Dr. Debojyoti Chandra
Winter is here for the traditional television
Sri Debapriya Bhattacharya
Television and Religion – Remapping the Indian scene
Dr. Soumik Chatterjee
Television and Women – Problem faced by today’s Indian Television
Dr. Anindita Chattopadhyay

Moderator: Sri Abhijit Dasgupta

Session2: New Horizon In The Post Modern Scenario Of Film Making

Papers and Speakers:
Influence of post modernism in Sergio Rubini’s ‘Soul Mate (2011); An Enquiry
Dr. Pallab Mukhopadhyay
Mobile phone as the new tool of film making in the age of social media
Dr. Amarta Saha

Moderator: Sri Ashoke Viswanathan

Session3: Creativity And New Media

Papers and Speakers:
The visual maze – How Youtube infuss hybridization of identities and binary propositions in individuals
Dr. Sujata Mukhopadhyay
Drones in News Media; A Case Study of Drone Technology in The Indian Media Landscape Sri Arkaprava Chattopadhyay
MOOC: A creative challenge to the online teacher
Ms. Subha Das Moulik

Moderator: Dr. Tapati Basu

National Seminar Vol. IV

Date: 01.12.2018
Venue: New CRT, SRFTI

Title: Producing for Film, Electronic and Digital Media

Key Note Address: Sri. Rahul Rawail, Filmmaker

Session1: Producing for Electronic and Digital Media

Papers and Speakers:
The puzzle of increasing TRPs and camouflaged popular culture; Marketing violence and to children in modern day tele-serials
Dr. Sujata Mukhopadhyay , Asst. Prof. Hiralal Memorial College for Woman

Soap Opera: Producers responsibility towards society
Sri. Samik Mitra, Research Fellow, Viswa Bharati
Challenges and threats facing by Indian Television Industry; A sampling survey on shift of audience in Indian society
Dr. Soumee Roychowdhury, Asst. Prof. George Telegraph College
Moderator: Sri Abhijit Dasgupta, Dean (TV), SRFTI

Session2: Producing for Cinema
Papers and Speakers:

Contribution of “Rajshri Productions” in producing Hindi Films – A Journey
Dr. Pallav Mukhopadhyay, Asst. Prof. W B State University
From Screening to sreaming; A study on Netflix effect and rapid paradigm shift in movie viewing experience

Dr. Trinanjans Das, Asst. Prof. Amity Univ. Kolkata
Envisioning India through Corporate Presentation

Sri. Ashim S Paul, Asst. Prof. SRFTI

Moderator: Sri Ashoke Viswanathan, Dean (Film) SRFTI

National Seminar Vol. V

Title: Cinema in the Margins; Dalit Identity, Women Portrayed and The Elderly depicted.
Date: 27.09.2019
Venue: preview Theatre, SRFTI
Prof Anil Zankar
Prof (Dr) Ira Bhaskar
Prof Manash Ghosh
Ms Anindita Sarbadhikary
Prof Ashoke Viswanathan
Prof Oindrila Hazra

National Seminar Vol. VI

Title: Gender and Media
Date: 07.12.2019
Venue:New CRT, SRFTI

Key Note Address: Prof. Shohini Ghosh, Professor on Sajjad Zaheer Chair, AJK Mass Communication Research Centre Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University, New Delhi

Papers & Speakers:

Portrayal of Courtesans in Hindi Cinema between 1960-1990: A Perspective
Nandita Banerjee

Fearless Nadia: Modernity and feminity in the early Bombay cinema
Satyendra Kumar

Main Putt Jatt Da: Manda Ni Haar: Masculinity, Class and Caste in Punjabi Music
Prashastika Sharma

The cinematic configuration of gendered space in New Iranian Cinema
Apeksha Priyadarshini

The Challenges of Volatile Nationalism and Patriarchy for ‘Half Widowed Gazala’ and ‘Hysterical Arshia’ : A Study of the Cinematic Projection of the Fragmentary Lives of Kashmiri Women in the Film Haider
Kirti Sachdeva

Parodying the Popular: The Gender Politics of Web Shorts in India
Hemantika Singh

Gender-biased Internet Trolling in Malayalam Film Industry
Kunju Lekshmi

Gender Fluidity in Cinema and Other Media
Deepika Matange and Shruti Parthasarthy

Feminine Perspectives in New American Horror- An analysis of Hereditary and Midsommar
Soumik Hazra and Abhinaba Bhattacharya

Walking Around: Women Navigating Cinematic Spaces
Sanghamitra Deb

How Not to Do Gender in Cinema
Prof. Niladari Chatterjee

Ghatak and Gender
Prof. Sushmita Banerji