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सत्यजित रे फिल्म और टेलीविजन संस्थान
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
An Academic Institute under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Govt.of India

Post Graduate Progaramme in EDM

The T of SRFTI

Training in the Electronic & Digital Audio-Visual platforms has become an essential need for those inclined to taking up the audio-visual platforms as their profession. This dynamic, up to the minute ever-evolving scenario-based course is highly time appropriate and beneficial. It is perhaps the only course in India that moves with the need of the time.

The TV industry alone stands at INR 588.3 billion in 2016 notching 8.5% growth over 2015 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% over the period 2016-2021.

TV viewing in rural areas increased by 30% in 2016, with 344 million people watching television. It has become the most sought after and impactful medium for advertisers.

Internet enabled mobile phones crossed the 300 million mark in 2016. It is expected to touch 700 million in 2021. Such mobile phone users prefer video on the go. That is another area that has a great future. Mobile only channels have been launched but such channels will need to be manned. There will be a dearth of trained manpower. It is here that SRFTI will stand out.

Films, in 2016 faced a decline in its two main market segments – domestic theatricals and cable & satellite rights. However, digital ‘versioning’ has emerged as a new vertical. Home video saw a decline too.

With the above scenario in mind, it is a boon to get trained in Electronic and Digital Media at SRFTI, where hands-on training using state of the art equipment will strengthen the creative process of potential content creators of the future.

There are two fully equipped studios with News Automation, Motion Virtual Reality, Live Sports, Music, Non-Fiction and Fiction programmes being an integral part of the two-year course.

The ever-evolving technological changes in the digital domain will need constant regular upgradation of the course structure with innovation being the keyword. The three technology dependent courses viz. Digital Cinematography, Sound and Editing courses will have a flexible structure to include the latest trends and technology without compromising on quality. The three content and delivery based courses viz. Management, Producing and Writing shall keep abreast of the latest trends and treatments around the world. The students will be encouraged to think differently and to be able to face the world that is now a level playing field. The students will be prepared to face the industry needs of less investment and more profits, creating new verticals along the way.


Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline
Number of Seats: Five per specialization
Duration: 2 years


The Courses

Electronic and Digital Media Management

This course is the study of the principles and practices of electronic and digital media management. The course studies the process of the decision making methods involved in programme content, marketing, sales, operations, personnel, finance and issues with the regulatory bodies. The media industry is undergoing rapid and significant changes in technology, regulation, distribution, and content. In this new global, digital, interactive, highly competitive and bottom-line-oriented media world, managers must lead with strategic vision.

The course prepares ready professionals and young managers for the media, communication and entertainment industry e.g. in Television Channels, Radio Stations, Advertising Agencies etc. Students will also be equipped to work on platforms like the Web and Mobile besides serving in Programming, Marketing and Sales departments across different sectors.

Course Duration: 2 years
Total Seats: 5

Writing for Electronic and Digital Media

The EDM Writing course, with a liberal, free-flowing and ‘hands-on’ approach; is geared towards training and prepping students to become professional content creators/ writers/ makers in the television industry and for other digital platforms. The main thrust of the course, therefore, is given to the concept of ‘Practice makes perfect’. As they are taken through the 2 year intensive, exhaustive and exciting process of learning the craft of screenwriting; they will be encouraged, steered, and mentored not only in discovering and shaping their talent and abilities but to hone them into full-fledged skills, aided by the requisite tools, language, grammar which they will be taught systematically.

They will be exposed to various fiction and non-fiction formats and genres across EDM. From writing the half hour daily soap, sitcom, one hour drama, web shorts, documentary, quiz, game shows, chat shows to specific genres like thriller, rom-com or sci-fi. Thus, by facilitating a learning experience which is comprehensive and exploratory in a conducive creative environment, the course will equip them with skill and confidence to take on challenges of the EDM world!

Course Duration: 2 years
Total Seats: 5

Direction & Producing for Electronic and Digital Media

The Department of Direction & Producing for EDM equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as producers and directors in the television and emerging media industries. As part of this industry-oriented course, students are taught core storytelling skills through theory classes and extensive practical training. They direct and/or produce fiction and non-fiction programmes as well as several multi-camera shows as part of their training. Hands-on exposure to various kinds of programmes like web-series, documentaries, live sports events, musical shows, news shows etc. ensure that the students are ready for careers in any of the established or emerging fields in the media space.

Course Duration: 2 years
Total Seats: 5

Cinematography for Electronic and Digital Media

The course in Cinematography for EDM teaches students to be trend setting image acquisition professionals for the emerging media. A thorough grounding in the science and technology of digital image acquisition is complemented by teaching students the art of seeing the world differently and presenting it in a compelling manner, that maximizes the impact of the story or programme. Introduction to visual aesthetics, art appreciation, composition and shooting techniques, lighting theory etc. is complemented by the technical knowhow of the media involved. Extensive practical classes and working on a wide variety of programmes both inside studios as well as on location ensures that students absorb the hands-on skills needed to excel in the industry.

Course Duration: 2 years
Total Seats: 5

Editing for Electronic and Digital Media

Designed to produce post-production professionals for the emerging media landscape, the course in Editing for Electronic and Digital Media trains students to excel in both live as well as in offline productions. Extensive theory classes, backed up by rigorous practical sessions will allow students to absorb the skill and knowledge needed to tell compelling audio-visual stories. Exposure to various state of the art digital nonlinear post-production platforms and cutting edge file transfer protocols will ensure that students are conversant with the latest technologies in their field.

At the same time, extensive practice of working on multi-camera productions like news, sports and music shows will familiarize them with the relevant technologies, like news automation, visual effects, virtual motion reality, as well as teach them to handle the pressures of a live programme.

Course Duration: 2 years
Total Seats: 5

Sound for Electronic and Digital Media

The course in Sound for Electronic and Digital Media is designed to produce students who can excel in the new and challenging media environment, where both technology and workflow changes every day. With stress on equipment and skills suited for shooting and recording on the go (including on mobile based platforms), and challenging recording environments like live sports shows or musical events, this course will produce students ideally placed to thrive in the new media landscape having both the technical acumen and the artistic knowledge to be trend-setters in their field. Students will work on a variety of productions, shot on both multi camera and single camera setups, live situations and studio based situations, to expose them to the entire gamut of present day and emerging media productions.

Course Duration: 2 years
Total Seats: 5

Faculty & Academic Staff

Sudipta Bhaumik

Professor, Electronic and Digital Media Management

Sudipta Bhaumik has been associated with media industry since the early 90’s. He is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India ( FTll), Pune. Sudipta has worked both in creative and senior management roles, responsible for making strategies and executing plans as Programming Head and Creative Head. He has directed and produced various kinds of TV genres, both fiction (daily soaps, telefilms, short films) and nonfiction (game shows, talk shows, reality shows) both in India and abroad. Sudipta was the Programming Head of Zee Bangla for almost nine years. He has produced & released five Bangla feature films for Zee Network and produced & directed two international documentaries for NHK, Japan. Sudipta has been engaged with the major graduate media schools of eastern India as a visiting and full time faculty since 1997.

Mandira Mitra

Professor, Writing for Electronic and Digital Media

Mandira Mitra is an alumna of the Film and Television In­stitute of India ( FTll), Pune. A filmmaker, film critic and re­puted television professional, her work has been shown and received honors at international festivals like Ober­hausen, Karlovy Vary, Turin, ICA London, Birmingham, Henri Langlois, Paris. Her experience in television content creation spans over 28 years, having written, produced and directed numerous documentaries, series, fiction shorts, telefilms and other commissioned programs for TV both in India and abroad. Over the past decade, she has been totally involved in mainstream commercial televi­sion production; as Creative Head of at least a dozen TV shows for leading Entertainment channels like STAR, Zee, ETV and Colors. She has also been creative/script consul­tant on a number of web series projects. She has many years of experience of mentoring aspiring TV professionals training recruits and interns ‘on – the – job’. Moreover, she has been guest lecturer and has conducted script / direc­tion workshops in media schools and institutions.

Chandan Goswami

Professor, Cinematography for Electronic and Digital Media

An alumnus of FTll Pune Chandan Goswami has got nearly 20 years of work experience in the film & television industry. He started his career as chief assistant cameraman in feature films like Zubeida, NETAJI – THE FORGOTTEN HERO both directed by Mr. Shyam Benegal. Later he independently shot many feature films which includes Hindi [Hera-Hoda aka Blind Camel, Trisha, Morning Walk, Monica, Das Capital etc.] and Bengali [Half Serious, Bari tar Bangla, Bonku Babu, Daker Saaj etc.] as Director of Photography. Apart from these, he has shot several documentaries [Sahitya Academi: directed by Gulzar], Television shows [IC 814 Hijack for National Geographic, Tehreer Munshi Premchand Ki by Gulzar, Mano Ya Na Mano for Star One, Gutur Gu for SAB TV, Chatrapati Shivaji for Doordarshan] etc.

Siladitya Sanyal

Professor, Direction & Producing for Electronic & Digital Media

Post Graduate Diploma in Film Direction & Screenplay Writing from SRFTI, Siladitya Sanyal has worked in the industry for more than fifteen years in TV, Advertisement Films and Feature Films as Producer, Executive Producer, Writer, Director and Creative Director.He has worked as a Director/Creative Director for more than a dozen shows for mainstream entertainment channels like Start Jalsa, Zee Bangla, Zee Bangla Cinema, Sananda TV, Tara Bangla, Colors Bangla, ETV Bangla, Maa TV, Asianet & others. During different phases of his work he has been associated with several national production houses like Big Synergy, BBC Worldwide, Black Magic Motion Pictures, Seyon Productions under Miditech, Colosceuma and others. He has been handling brands like DSP (Durgapur Steel Plant), Ultra Plus Supercomp and Radio Mirchi among others for their advertisement films, corporate film and event based shows. Siladitya’s Film have participated in festivals like MIFF & KIFF and has been awarded at the BFJA (Bengal Film Journalist’s Association) Awards. Siladitya has worked as the Chief Assistant Director for film ‘Nisshabd’, an Indo-French Co-production, that won the Best Film Award at the OSIAN Film Festival. Siladitya has been engaged with major media schools in eastern India as visiting faculty since 2003.He has been engaged with major media schools in eastern India as visiting faculties since 2003.

Rabiranjan Maitra

Professor, Editing for Electronic & Digital Media

After completing his diploma in still photography from Kolkata, he has joined and graduated from FTII, pune as an editor. He has edited 120 feature films and continues to work as an industry professional.
He has edited more than 2000 episodes for television.He has directed two feature films and many television programs.He has directed nine reality shows and more than 40 telefilms. He has directed many TVCs, corporate films, company audio visuals etc.

Sumitava Roy

Professor, Sound for Electronic & Digital Media

Sumitava Roy has been associated with media industry since mid-seventies.He is an alumnus of the Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. He has worked in Doordarshan as Sound Recordist for 12 years covering National & International programmes (including NAM, CHOGM, SAARC etc) and in documentaries, some of which went to national & international film festivals and won awards; done television training at AIBD, Kualalampur. Thereafter done audiography for more than three hundreds serials, hundreds of documentaries, telefilms and other programmes and events.He has produced and/or directed a number of commissioned and sponsored serials,telefilms, documentaries for Doordarshan, Film Division, ETV so on and so forth (Documentaries on ‘Durga Puja’ in Singapore'; ‘Calcutta High Court’ and ‘The Armenians of Kolkata’ have been the recent ones).He has worked in academic areas as a regular faculty at R.I.P.T Jadavpur and been associated with a number of media schools (St. Xaviers College. NSHM, Roop Kala Kendra etc.) as a visiting faculty.

Shantanu Pal

Assistant Professor, Editing for Electronic and Digital Media

Postgraduate Diploma in Cinema specializing in Editing from SRFTI, Kolkata. Shantanu worked as an editor in Doordarshan, Kolkata and as editor in charge for a satellite channel; as a freelance editor he has done many fiction and non-fiction projects for television. Served as a Lecturer in Editing at St. Xavier’s College in the Department of Mass Communication and Videography. He conducted workshops and Lecture sessions for various media institutes and is empanelled as an examiner/paper setter for West Bengal University of Technology, West Bengal State University (Film Studies Department), Roopkala Kendra (an Institute of Film and Social Communication, Government of West Bengal) etc.

SK. Abdul Rajjak

Assistant Professor, Sound for Electronic and Digital Media

A Diploma holder in Cinema specializing in Sound Recording and Sound Engineering from Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. He has successfully done Location Sound Recording and Sound Designing for several feature films, tele-films, tele-serials and award winning documentary films. He has also directed and scripted two documentary films, one of which was selected in Indian Panorama, IFFl-2008.

Somdev Chatterjee

Assistant Professor, Direction & Producing for Electronic and Digital Media

Somdev Chatterjee graduated from SRFTI with a P.G Diploma in Screenplay writing and Direction in 2004 and has been working as a writer and filmmaker for over a decade. He has directed several documentaries (prominent among which are The Student Headmaster for Al Jazeera Children’s channel and Drugged to Death for Al Jazeera Network) corporate communication videos, besides working as a writer for Bangla fiction television shows. He has taught in the Television Direction department in FTll in 2006-08, and at a few private media schools since. He has been a member of the faculty at SRFTI since 2012, besides being empanelled as an examiner with St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata.

Abheri De

Assistant Professor, Cinematography for Electronic and Digital Media

Abheri De graduated from Film & Television Institute of India ( FTll), Pune in 2014. She started her career as a 2nd Assistant Cinematographer, assisting ace Director of Photography Mr. Binod Pradhan in feature fiIms like BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG ,YOU OF MANY DAYS & 2 STATES. Within a year she got the opportunity to work as a Chief Asst. Cinematographer & Operative Camera Person in corporate videos & feature films with Director of Photography Savita Singh & Director of Photography Reshmi Sarkar, both her seniors from FTII. She got her first break as a DOP for a Bengali feature film BITNOON produced by Jalan International Films in her hometown Kolkata. ONYO BASA NTO, her second feature film, a Television Movie in the Zee Originals Series done by Nideas Creations & Zee Bangla Cinema gave her much critical acclaim. CALCUTTA SONATA , a documentary film shot by her was screened at the KIFF 2017.

Ashim Sekhar Paul

Assistant Professor, Electronic & Digital Media Management

Ashim S. Paul is an alumnus of Jadavpur University, Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute and La Fémis (École nationale supérieure des métiers de l’image et du son). His works have been honoured in premiere film festivals in Spain, Israel, France and India and also received a Kodak award. During his five year long association with National Film Development Corporation Limited, Ashim spearheaded multiple productions, including production of several television advertisements for West Bengal Tourism. He also directed corporate documentaries and short fictions for Maharatna companies like Coal India Limited, Indian Oil Corporation and several other Miniratna companies.
Ashim, a cinéaste, also writes and presents literary articles on various forms and formats of audio-visual medium in national and international conferences.

Rohitaswa Mukherjee

Assistant Professor, Writing for Electronic & Digital Media Management

Rohitaswa Mukherjee is an alumnus of Rabindra Bharati University and Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute . His works have been honoured in premiere film festivals in various countries and of course in India and also received National Awared , nominated in CILECT and other prestigious festivals. During his more than five years long association with prime GEC TV channels of india like STAR and Viacom18, Rohitaswa handled multiple on-air responsibilities as an OAP professional. During that period, he produced several innovative and intriguing launch promos for channels. He also handled several advertisements for channels. He played different roles; as an assistant director to a post-production supervisor to director for various freelance projects like corporate, documentary, ad, feature film etc.
Rohitaswa continues his writings and experiments with cinema.

Sudipto Shankar Roy

Graphic Designer, Editing for Electronic and Digital Media

An alumnus of SRFTI Sudipto Shankar Roy is an industry professional since 2009 both as an Editor as well as a Motion Graphic Artist. He has been associated with Advertising Films both in Kolkata as well as in Mumbai in various capacities but most importantly as a Post Production Supervisor. He was the Visual Effects Artist for the film ‘Crossing Bridges’ which won the National Award in 2014. Sudipto also won the Best Editor Award at the 8th Cut.in Festival in 2015, organized by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences for the film ‘Jalasayanam’. Several documentaries and short films edited by him have been selected and awarded in prestigious Film Festivals like Imagine India Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, Signs FiIm FestivaI, Vibgyor FiIm FestivaI etc. For a short period he was also engaged as the Editor and Post Production Coordinator in the Editing Dept. (Film Wing) SRFTI, from 2013 to 2015. Apart from his Industry engagements he has in the past imparted knowledge to students of various institutes like WLCI Kolkata, iLEAD, Aliah University, IIT Kharagpur etc.

Arijit Mitra

Sound Recordist, Sound for Electronic and Digital Media

Postgraduate Diploma in Cinema specializing in Audiography from SRFTI, Kolkata. Arijit has worked as a freelance sound recordist in documentaries, fiction, wild-life films and corporate videos.His diploma film ‘TWO NOTEs’ has been awarded in KIFF and SIGN and selected for IFFI and Cannes Short Film Corner. He has worked as a Sync Sound Recordist for the Television Movie ‘TAK JHAL MISTHI’ being part of ZEE originals series. His co-directed and audiographed documentaries have been selected for festivals like IDSFFK. He has conducted Workshops and Lectures sessions for a few media institutes of Kolkata. He is also involved in Acoustic designing and installations.

Srijani Dey

Production Manager, Direction & Producing for Electronic & Digital Media

An alumna of the producing course at Satyajit Ray Film & Televison Institute, Srijani was part of the Production team of the Excel Entertainment feature film ‘Fukrey Returns’. She has also worked as an Assistant Director in Multiple Ads Films with leading as Production houses.Before embarking on her filmmaking aspirations, Srijani has pursued and completed her masters in Film studies from Jadavpur University.

Saumitra Mitra

Assistant Broadcast Engineer, Broadcasting Department

Saumitra Mitra is an Alumnus of Burdawan University. He has worked in different NEWS TV Channels as a Deputy Technical Head (Frontier TV Assam), Baseband Engineer (Kolkata TV & NE Bangla), IT Manager (Kolkata TV).During his long association with NEWS TV Channels, Saumitra had handled multiple responsibilities (like installation & maintenance of base band equipment, RF transmission, News studio, PCR, MCR, Ingest, all types of SERVERS, OB Van and DSNG Van). He has handled Multi-Cam Setup for Football Match & for LIVE Musical events through OB van as a Technical Engineer.He has also handled DSNG van as a RF engineer. He has also worked in a leading TV Channels Integrator Company of India as a Project Engineer. He has successfully completed installation work for KALINGA TV, Bhubaneswar/ICT studio of RIE, Bhubaneswar as a Project Engineer. He has also worked in NCERT, Bhubaneswar (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India) as a Engineering Assistant.

Course Structure

Semester Content Exercise Project

1. Theory classes by in-house faculty introducing the basics of each discipline..

2. Theory classes by external faculty introducing the broad spectrum of arts like music, literature, visual arts, acting etc.

3. Classes by industry professionals about industry practices, media law, media management etc.

Short programme for web

1. Theory classes by in-house faculty on the advanced concepts of each discipline.

2. Advanced practical classes.

3. Workshop / Masterclasses by outside experts or industry professionals

Multicam familiarization
News & current affairs programme

03 Music show, Radio fiction,
Live sports programme
04 Web series / Television Series