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course overview

Independent Research Fellowship Programme 2018-19

Name Research Topic Abstract
Kasturi Basu Feminist film practice and shaping the feminist political subject in the Indian documentary Feminist practice in Indian documentary evolved as the feminist filmmaker drew from widely-varying positionings and personal histories of participation within the broader feminist movement. What is feminist documentary practice? How do claims of feminist film-practice measure up to feminist conceptions of the world? How is a feminist political subject shaped on screen? What is a feminist politics of representation? This work would study depictions of feminist notions and their relationship with the documentary filmmaking praxis
Shyamasri Maji Reading Anglo-Indian History in Non-fiction Cinema: A Study of Select Documentary Films This research project deals with select documentary films on the Anglo-Indian community, which represent the community space in postcolonial India from a historical perspective. It will examine if such a representation could encapsulate successfully the community’s struggle to establish itself as a recognised group in the Indian Constitution and the mainstream society.
Elloit Cardozo A Critical Study of Bollywood’s Assimilation of the Underground Hip Hop Aesthetic This project will attempt to critically analyze the role of Bollywood in “assimilating” the underground Hip Hop aesthetic into the mainstream. Besides distinguishing between the mainstream and the underground, the project will analyze the various causes and effects of this assimilation