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Department of Editing
Faculty & Academic Support Staffs

Shyamal Karmakar (Professor & Head of the Department)

 Academic qualification: Post graduate diploma in editing from FTII, Pune

Industry experience: Worked with eminent directors like Kundan Shah, SaeedMirza, VidduVinod Chopra. Edited the award winning feature film Oye Lucky LuckyOye, directed …

Debashis Guha (Associate professor)

Academic qualification: Post graduate diploma in film editing from FTII, Pune.

Saikat Shekhareshwar Ray (Assistant Professor)

Academic qualification: Post graduate diploma in editing from SRFTI, Kolkata.

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Department of Editing
From the classical decoupage to the contemporary ellipsis, the programme in this department stimulates the students to travel through all the gharanasto arrive at his or her way of looking at structuring and pacing a narrative, fiction or non-fiction. A supportive one on one mentoring approach ensures the developing edit style is tested and honed in an incisive manner.
Editing Course Details
Ist Semester:  Integrated course

Editing Theory:

What is Editing; Early Days Of Editing; Spatial & Temporal Continuity; Analog & Digital Editing; Montage; Pace & Rhythm; Editing & Sound; Digital Postproduction

Practical exercises:

Introduction To Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems

Editing Rushes With DNLE

Semester Ending Project –  Continuity Exercise (DV)

Specialization (II to VI semesters)

Editing History (Early years, Russian School, German Impressionism, Italian Neorealism, French New Wave)

Editing Theory (Grammar & continuity, pace & rhythm, mise-en-ecene)

Digital theory(Basic concepts of computer technology, analog and digital video, compression formats, different media, working with film on the digital platform)

Documentary (History of documentary, Indian documentaries, British documentary movement, Cinema Verite, Direct Cinema, political motivation in a documentary, resurgence of documentaries in Europe and America)

Practical exercises

Editing With Steenbeck and Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems

Editing drama, documentary



Dialogue sequence

Action sequence

Advanced Digital post-production

Editing musical sequence

Graphics and compositing

Basic sound designing



DV film (Integrated Course)

Short Film


Experimental Film

Dissertation Film
Our Alumni
  • Tuhinabha Majumdar (1st Batch) Winner of the Golden Conch Award at MIFF 2012 in the International Competition Section for the film “Midnight Bioscope”   Saikat S. Ray (4th batch) Won the National Award  for Best Editor in the film “Hope Dies last in War” (2007). Also received 2 IDPA Gold Awards for Editing for the […]

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Our objective is to endow students with comprehensive theoretical as well as hands-on-training with state-of-the-art technology that are being used by professional filmmakers in India and abroad.

The department houses separate wings dedicated to film and digital video editing environment.

  • The film section consists of nine separate Steenbeck editing suites adjacent to a common cutting room.
  • The Digital Non-Linear Editing section consists of 35 setups comprising of the latest Avid Media Composers and  Final Cut Pro for editing Standard and High Definition  videos.

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