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Department of Direction & Screenplay Writing
Faculty & Academic Support Staffs

Amaresh Chakraburtty (Professor & Head of Department)

Academic qualification: Post Graduate Diploma in Direction & screenplay writing from FTII, Pune.

Putul Mahmood (Associate Professor)

Academic qualification: Post graduate diploma in Direction & Screenplay Writing from FTII, Pune

Raka Dutta (Associate Professor)

Academic qualification: Post Graduate Diploma in Direction & screenplay writing from SRFTI, Kolkata […]

Tridib Poddar (Assistant Professor)

Academic qualification: Post graduate diploma in Direction & Screenplay Writing from SRFTI, Kolkata

Ranajit Gharai (Assistant Professor- Art Direction)

Academic qualification: Post graduate diploma in Art-Direction & Production Design from FTII,Pune […]

Tangella Madhavi (Assistant Professor)

Post graduate diploma in Direction & Screenplay Writing from SRFTI,Kolkata […]

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Department of Direction & Screenplay Writing

From conceptualization to the art of narrative writing, and transporting the writing onto construction of mise-en-scene for the screen, the programme here is designed towards arming the students with individuated cine stylo for independent thinking.The programme acts as a bridge between the world you bring and the world of the autuers of cinematic arts. The duel or the dialecticnever stops here – between the audio-visual traditions and the individual talents.

Department of Direction & Screenplay Writing Course Details
1st semester

Direction :

Role of a contemporary director, screen grammar, spatial connections, temporal connections, mise-en-scene.

Screenplay Writing(SPW):

Basic screenplay writing, screenplay formats, narrative structure, three act structure, hero’s journey, myth and archetypes.

Film History:

Illustrated lectures on history of silent cinema – development of film industry, evolution of film technique & film language, contribution of great masters.
The advent of “sound” in cinema and the birth of “talkies”.
History of documentary film; documentary genre/different approaches to documentary; introduction to contemporary documentary.
A brief look on the following major movements in cinema - Russian Social Realism, German Expressionism, French Poetic Realism, post war Italian Neorealism, French New Wave and regional Indian cinema.

Film analysis:

textual analysis of one documentary and one fiction feature.

Art Direction:

General introduction; understanding perspective; grasping the essentials to draw perspective drawings; visual balance and human mind. Gasping the essentials: shape, form, growth, space, light and colour.
Visual design
Proportion of properties; basic idea of real space & cinematographic space.
Floor plan, properties, colour scheme, texture etc.

Indian Classical Music Appreciation:

The musical octave, identification of notes, sadaj-madhyam & sadaj-pancham bhab. Harmonies, quality.
Raga & raga moods, classification of ragas. Six raags and thirty six raginis, ragas association with mood, seasons and time of the day.
Bhatkhande’s thaat system, thaats and asrit ragas
Ragas in film music. Basics of taals. Introduction to different gharanas and the stalwarts.


Classroom sessions on different schools of acting, methods of acting, characters – physical, psychological & social profile; improvisation; interactive sessions.

Writing for the continuity film (project)

From concept/idea/story to script

Direction practical:

Actuality - field trip and writing observation report, multishot scene on dv

Specialisation (2nd  to  6th semester)

Program Overview & Film Direction, Film Sequence Analysis, Film Direction, Screenplay Writing, Music Appreciation, Art Direction, DV Film Presentation & Discussion, Study of a Director, Art of Graphics, B.G Scoring for films, Acting Workshop, Production Design Workshop, Production Methodology Workshop, Film Production: Demo film, Mise-en-Scene Exercise, Short Film: Script Development, playback workshop

Coordinated Projects
Our Alumni
  • Vipin Vijay (1st batch)

    Won the Hassankutty Award at the Kerala International Film Festival in 2010 for the film “Chitrasutram”

    Was also nominated for the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival for the same film in 2011.

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The department is equipped with state-of-the art infrastructures & equipment’s



8 P2 cameras

5 Final Cut Pro editing set ups

2 Avid Express editing set ups

Accessories like microphone, tripod etc.

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