Important instruction to candidates for Admission 2017

The entire Admission Process is divided into two phases.

The first phase includes submission of the following:

a) Full Admission fee (Rs. 84,250) through draft / bank transfer.

b) Copy of Graduation Certificate / Final mark sheet

c) Copy of Caste Certificate / OBC_NCL certificate as per format (for applicants under reserved category)

The selected candidates of first list should complete the first phase of their admission by 3rd August 2017. The candidate will be provisionally admitted only after completion of the first phase of admission.

The Second phase of admission will start only after the completion of the first phase. In the second phase, the candidates need to submit the following documents at the Tutorial Section in person before the session starts i.e. 14th August 2017.

a) Enrollment Form (Download Format)

b) Medical certificate (Download Format)

c) Undertaking from all candidates (Download Format)

d) Undertaking from the candidates under reserved category (in addition to undertaking as mentioned in point c) (Download Format)

e) General Bond (Download Format)

f) Anti Ragging Bond (Download Format)

g) Candidates who are presently enrolled as students in any institution affiliated to any universities/Institute or working as an employee in any organization will be required to produce a withdrawal/resignation certificate from the University/Institution/organization concerned at the time of 2nd phase of admission to SRFTI. A declaration will be required for ‘giving up the profession during the course’ for self employed candidate.

If they are unable to submit the same at the time of 2nd phase of admission, they may apply to the Dean for an extension of time. In any case, students who fail to submit such document will not be allowed to continue after one week of the commencement of the curriculum. Students will not be allowed to engage themselves academically or professionally in any educational / occupational institute or organization during their academic tenure. Candidates who are not students or employees have to give a self declaration of the same.

g) Provisional admission of the candidates, who fail to submit all the documents at the second phase within the stipulated date, will be cancelled and a selective portion of the fees will be refunded to the candidate.

Those, who are interested in hostel accommodation, may apply to The Registrar along with the consent letter.

The candidates admitted to the first Semester should have at least 60% attendance of total classes held during the first month, failing which his/her studentship will be treated as cancelled without further notice.

The admission process is complete after completion of 2nd phase of admission.

A second list will be published on 4th August 2017 if any seat remains vacant. The first phase of admission of the candidates from the second list will start from 04.08.2017. and will finish by 11.08.17.