Workshop by Anil Mehta

Playback Workshop

The much looked forward to playback workshop, a combined endeavour from the departments of direction, and cinematography was conducted by Shri Anil Mehta between the 19th and 23rd of July 2013. The 9th batch of students,  gained both in knowledge and experience immensely from the  seasoned cinematographer-director’s  keen insights into the craft.

The aim of the workshop was to learn the craft and techniques of shooting a playback within a stipulated time period and with available resources.  An intense preproduction session took place guided by Shri Mehta at the end of which, students were ready with a schedule, the shot division, and the requirements for the shoot. A four day shoot commenced the very next day.

Unlike earlier workshops, where track laying was also part of the workshop a pre- released  Assamese song was selected and re-picturized. Joy Baruah the singer of the original track performed for the lip synced portions, canned on the very first day of shoot. Two remaining days were shot on locations away from the campus ranging from spaces as challenging as a moving tram to passing street shots.

Actual locations, were replaced by recreating a brothel sequence on the campus, and this was a high point of the workshop with the guest lecturer effectively demonstrating HOW COMPLEX LOCATIONS CAN BE CHEATED CONVINCINGLY.

What emerged from the workshop was rushes to be edited into a 3 min playback sequence to the story of childhood sweethearts drifting away from each other. In the process of growing up, choosing professions, and achievements, and the twist comes when the girl becomes a dynamic police officer entrusted with the job of capturing a underworld kingpin, who turns out to be her childhood sweetheart.

This was the 2nd playback workshop conducted by Shri Anil Mehta and one in a long series of interactions with the students of this institute.  The well known cinematographer of films like Lagaan , Veer Zara ,  Rockstar, etc and innumerable Advertorials  Films to his credit, Anil Mehta is a  mentor par excellence.