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Right to Information Act

Right to Information Act (RTI)2005

– Information Under Section 4(1)(b) of the Act

1.0 About the Act

For details of the RTI Act 2005, please see RTI Act

2.0 About Organization:

2.1 Name:
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

2.2 Particulars of Organization:
(1) Objective of the Institute:

The primary objective of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute is to develop suitable patterns of teaching in all branches of film and television,both at under-graduate & post-graduate levels, so as to establish high standards of film & television education in India.

(2) Brief history of the Institute:

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata was established by the Government of India as an autonomous educational institution under the administrative control of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, and was registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. Located at Kolkata and named after the legendary film maestro Satyajit Ray, SRFTI is the second national level film training institute to be established by the Government of India.

SRFTI is a residential institute with nearly 16 faculty, 117 students and 104 administrative & supporting staff and constructed on a sprawling campus of 39.36 acres of land located at the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass Road in Kolkata.

The Institute has six academic departments in various disciplines of cinema, A faculty of international repute, a brilliant student community, excellent technical & supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to the pre-eminent status of SRFTI Kolkata. The campus is located in the city of Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta. Kolkata is the state capital of West Bengal, an eastern state in India.

(3) Vision / Mission:


To be an academic institution in dynamic equilibrium with its social,ecological and economic environment striving continuously for excellence in education, research and technological service to the nation.


  • To create and sustain a community of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological and economic issues.
  • To pursue research and disseminate research findings.
  • To provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of the society and the industry.
  • To help in building national capabilities in science, technology, humanities, management, education and research.

(4) Quality Policy:

To pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors namely,teaching, research, consultancy and continuing education and to remain accountable in our core and support functions through processes of self evaluation and continuous improvement.

(5) Core Values:

  • Development of human resources to serve the nation.
  • Recognition of teaching as a unifying activity
  • Nurturing integrity, creativity and academic freedom
  • Retaining a willingness to experiment with new paradigms.

For more details please see Memorandum of Association.

2.3 Organizational Structure:

The Society constituted by Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting (MIB), Government Of India, runs the Institute through a Governing Council(GC) in accordance with the Memorandum of Association.President of the Society, nominated by MIB, is also the Chairman of GC.

The Rules & Regulations are framed by GC in the form of Recruitment Rules, Academic, Administrative & Financial  Bye laws etc.

Download Recruitment Rule of for Library Staff

GC constitutes Standing Finance Committee, Academic Council and other committees to address the specific issues.

Director is responsible for regular executive functions of the Institute and is assisted by Dean for academic & Registrar for administrative activities.

Organizational Chart

2.4 Service being provided by the Institute :

(1) Teaching PG levels:

The Institute offers 3-year (full time), Postgraduate Programme in Cinema with specialization in:

Direction & Screenplay Writing
Sound Recording & Design
Producing for Film & Television
Animation Cinema

The Institute offers 2-year (full time), Postgraduate Programme in Electronic & Digital Media Management with specialization in:

Electronic and Digital Media Management
Writing for Electronic and Digital Media
Producing for Electronic and Digital Media
Cinematography for Electronic and Digital Media
Editing for Electronic and Digital Media
Sound for Electronic and Digital Media

For more details please see Institute website

(2) To conduct various seminar, workshop, master classes, in frontier areas of film making.
(3) To cater to continuing education program of the Govt. of India.
(4) To organize short term & special courses on cinema.
(5) Depute students and members of the staff of the SRFTI to participate in seminars, conferences, workshops, training courses and the like, in India and abroad, through fellowship, scholarships and otherwise.
(6) Organize refresher courses, summer schools and the like and invite experts and research scholars and from within the country and abroad for delivering lecturers and/or developing research

2.5 Address of the Institute:

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
E.M. Bypass Rd, P.O- Panchasayar
Kolkata – 700 094
West Bengal, India

2.6 Institute working hours:

Academic & Administration Departments: 09.30 AM to 06.00 PM (lunch break 1.30P.M  to 2.00 pm)/Security Section: round the clock / Library: 09:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M

Please see Institute website.

2.7 Council, Board, Committees and other Bodies.

Following are the Main Committees / Governing body of the Institute

Governing Council
Academic Council
Finance Committee

For more details see Memorandum Of Association , By Laws , Rules & Regulation of the Institute.

Service Bye Laws

Financial Bye-Laws
Rules & Regulation

2.8 Anti Ragging Instructions

Summery of the Supreme Court judgement
Supreme Court judgement in full
Supreme Court order on Ragging

Supreme Court Order Civil Appeal No. 887 of 2009

Summery of UGC Regulation

Ragging Rule
Ragging Prohibition, Prevention & Punishment
SRFTI Antiragging committee
SRFTI Anti Ragging Notice 2012

3.0 Functions:

3.1 Power and duties of Officers and Employees:

Director is the Executive Officer of the Institute. The Director shall be responsible for the proper administration of the Institute and for the imparting of the instruction and maintenance of discipline therein. The Director has the power to incur expenditure in accordance with the procedure as may be laid by the Board from time to time.

Registrar and Deans shall assist the Director in academic and administrative work and maintaining liaison with Institution of higher learning and research.

Registrar is the custodian of records, funds of Institute and such other properties of the Institute.

Other officers and staff of the Institute assume powers, responsibilities and duties as assigned to them from time to time by the Director.

For more details see Memorandum Of Association and By Laws of the Institute.

3.2 Procedure followed in the decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability:

As per By Laws of the Institute.

3.3 Details of norms set by the Institute for discharge of its functions:

As per By Laws of the Institute.

3.4 Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by it for discharge of functions:

As per By Laws of the Institute Of the Institute

3.5 Statement of the categories of documents held by the organization or under its control:

Administrative Office Orders / Decisions and Guidelines as approved by Institutes’ Governing Council.

3.6 Directory (telephone numbers and email addresses) of officers and employees:

Institute Telephone Directory

3.8 Budget allocated to each agency indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursements made:

Budgets allocated to each sub head / units of appropriation and expenditure incurred thereon under Plan and Non-Plan for the Financial Year 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19(up-to January, 2019) are as follows:  (In Rs. Crore)

Head : PLAN

Sub Head    Financial Year          
2012-13  2013-14  2014-15    2015-16     2016-17     2017-18     2018-19
Ongoing Scheme         
Creation of Assets (a) 7.00 7.00 7.00 7.00                           
General(b) 1.00 0.99 1.00 0.99                     
Sub Total (A)=(a)+(b) 8.00 7.99 8.00 7.99                           
Infrastructure Development in Film Sector (New Scheme)         
 Creation of Assets (c)     7.00 6.99 13.00 12.98 6.00 6.00 5.00 4.99 5.970 5.970 9.500 6.176
General (d)     0.00 0.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.00 2.00 2.503 2.503 2.450 2.717
Swachta (e)                         0.50 0.50
Sub Total (B)= (c)+(d)+(e)     7.00 6.99 16.00 15.98 9.00 9.00 7.00 6.99 8.473 8.473 12.00 8.939
Infrastructure Development in Film Sector (North East)                            
Creation of Assets(f)                          0.750  0.285
General(g)                          1.250  0.620
Sub Total(C)=(f)+(g)                          2.000  0.095
HRD for Film Media                            
Training for HRD(h)                          0.300  0.290
Sub Total(D)=(h)                          0.300  0.290
Total (E)=(A)+(B)+(C)+(D) 8.00 7.99 15.00 14.98 16.00 15.98 9.00 9.00 7.00 6.99 8.473 8.473 12.00 8.939

GIA : Grants in Aid Sanctioned / Received ; EXP : Actual Expenditure ; Figures for 2018-19 is upto the month of January 2019


Sub Head               Financial Year
 2012-13 2013-14   2014-15   2015-16   2016-17   2017-18   2018-19
Salary 6.97 7.00  7.87  8.12  9.35  9.59 10.00   10.23  11.100  11.100  12.499.0  12.538  14.360.0  12.866
General 1.36  3.15   1.63  3.33 1.72   1.85  1.71  2.09  1.50  2.56  1.761  1.853  2.960  2.972
Creation of Asset 0.66  0.66   0.40 0.40  0.42   0.42  0.43  0.43  0.37 0.37   0.047  0.047  0.100  0.160
Swachhta                    0.040  0.042
  Total 8.99  10.81  9.90  11.85  11.49   11.86  12.14  12.75  12.97 14.03   14.307  14.438  17.460  16.046

GIA : Grants in Aid Sanctioned / Received ; EXP : Actual Expenditure ; Figures for 2018-19 is upto the month of January 2019

3.9 Execution of subsidy program and details of beneficiaries of such programmes:

No subsidy is given.

3.10 Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of public in relation to formulation of policy and implementation thereof:

Interested persons may write to the Public Information Officer of the Institute.

3.11 Details in respect of the information available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form:

All relevant information about Institute activities are made available on our website.

3.12 Facilities available for obtaining information including working ours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use:

Library is only for registered users (students, faculty & staff) and not general public use.

3.13 Monthly remuneration received by each of its employees and officers including the system of compensation as provided in the institute’s regulations:

Pay scales of various cadres of the employees.

4.0. The name, designation and other particulars of the Central Public Information Officer and the Appellate Authority of the Institute

Shri. Somaditya Majumder
Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)
Sr. Manager IT
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
E.M. Byepass Rd, P.O. Panchasyar
Kolkata – 700 094
Phone: +91-33-2432-2072
Fax: +91-33-2432-0723

Shri Santanu Basu Mullick
Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO),Welfare Officer
Registrar (I/C)
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
E.M. Byepass Rd, P.O. Panchasyar
Kolkata – 700 094
Phone: +91-33-2432-2072
Fax: +91-33-2432-0723

Dr. Sanjukta Ray Pahari
Public Grievance Officer
Library & Information Officer
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
E.M. Byepass Rd, P.O. Panchasyar
Kolkata – 700 094
Phone: +91-33-2432-2072
Fax: +91-33-2432-0723

Appellate Authority (AA)
Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
E.M. Byepass Rd, P.O. Panchasyar
Kolkata – 700 094
Phone: +91-33-2432-0070
Fax: +91-33-2432-0723

4.1 Mode of Filing Appeal
A request for obtaining the information as per Section 6(1) shall be accompanied by an application fee of Rs.10/- and information copy @Rs.2/- per page, by way of cash against proper receipt or demand draft / banker’s cheque or Indian Postal Order payable to Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata.

4.2 Application Format for seeking information under RTI-2005:

1. Name:
2. Full postal address:
3. Telephone number:
4. Fax number:
5. E-mail:
6. Profession:
7. Identity of the person:
8. Residential status:
9. Nationality/Citizenship:
10.Information required/sought:
11.Signature of the applicant:
12.Place and Date: