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Theatre on Screen

Theatre and Film has a long standing association in view of their creative and aesthetic appeal. For the first time in eastern India, SRFTI is going to organize a 3-day Workshop on ‘Theatre on Screen’ to be held at the Main Theatre from August 09 to 11, 2019 between 2.00 and 7.00 p.m. The workshop will highlight the history and evolution of the academics of Theatre in Bengali and its portrayal on screen. The festival will feature screenings of many major productions that have been recorded for broadcast or as part of a film.

The screenings will be accompanied by discussions with eminent practitioners from the world of theatre who will help contextualize the productions in respect of the history and evolution of Bengali Theatre, and the relationship between the stage and the screen.

Theatre on Screen is envisioned as a platform for practitioners, academics and journalists to meet and reflect on the interface between the craft of theatre and that of audio visual production. Registrations can be done downloading the Form from: and payment of Rs 300 per participant (for all 3 days) can be paid in cash or NEFT. Last Date for Registration is : August 08, 2019

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