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Welcome to SRFTI, where creative energies fuse with cinematic craft to transform ideas into life!

Here, there is no difference between loving what you do and doing what you love.

The sprawling 40 acre idyllic green film school campus, one of the largest in the world, is a creative space that offers an immensely immersive and intensive experience with facilities of international standards.

It is a space that provokes, inspires and  prepares you to undertake your audio-visual odyssey with confidence and conviction.



Located in Kolkata and named after the legendary maestro Satyajit Ray, the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute was the second national centre of cinema education established in 1995 by The Government of India as an autonomous academic institution under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Institute was subsequently registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.

The first session began on September 1, 1996. Presently the Institute conducts three years postgraduate programme in cinema in six specializations of film making; Direction and screen play writing, Editing, Cinematography, Sound Recording and Design, Producing for Film & Television , Animation Cinema and Two years postgraduate programme in Electronics and Digital Media in six specializations; Electronic and Digital Media Management, Writing for Electronic and Digital Media, Direction & Producing for Electronic and Digital Media, Cinematography for Electronic and Digital Media, Editing for Electronic and Digital Media & Sound for Electronic and Digital Media.

The Institute also conducts short courses on film appreciation, acting, digital editing and so on. The Institute has achieved significant success within its short period of existence. This has led to an attempt towards a new paradigm of specialized practices and new courses. Our alumni have been winning accolades regularly through their masterly innovations. They have been trend-setters, changing the course of film-making through a fusion of thought, craft and entrepreneurial abilities. By proving their mettle as dedicated professionals, they have increased the acceptability of current students in the complex and competitive world of cinema.

Office of the Director

Serial No Name From
1 Shri. Amaresh Chakrabarti 05.02.2020
1 Dr. Debamitra Mitra 27.01.2017
2 Shri Amaresh Chakrabarti 03.06.2016
3 Shri Debanjan Chakrabarti 24.03.2016
4 Shri Sanjaya Pattanayak 27.03.2012
5 Shri Shankar Mohan 19.06.2010
6 Shri Swapan Mullick 19.06.2006
7 Shri Abhay Shrivastava 03.01.2005
8 Shri Jatin Sarkar 24.12.2001
9 Dr. Debasish Majumdar 29.08.1997