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Archive for May, 2015

Screening 25th May –30th May 2015

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Screening Schedule 25th May 2015 –30th May 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Sunset Boulevard
Dir: Billy Wilder
1950 | 110 min | English | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Witness For Prosecution
Dir: Billy Wilder
1957 | 116 min | English | DVD
Main Th. 6:00 pm
The Apartment
Dir: Billy Wilder
1960 | 125 min | English |DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
The Fortune Cookie
Dir: Billy Wilder
1966 | 125 min | English | DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
The Front Page
Dir: Billy Wilder
1974 | 105 min | English | DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
Special Screening


















Online Booking of Play-Back and Diploma slots for 11th Batch

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The online booking of slot will start at 10:30 a.m on 26.05.2015 and will continue till 2:00 p.m on 31.05.2015.
Please click online project schedule button for online project booking. On clicking this hyper linked button it will take you to the slot booking webpage. After login you will find the 06 slots (slot1 contains 6 shoot dates & slot 2 contains 5 shoot dates) displayed on the left side for your reference from which you can book your slot.On the right hand side under booked project schedule you will find the slots which have already been booked by other units.

For booking of slot you will find the available shoot dates (shoot1 & shoot2)  in the combo box on the right hand side.On the right hand side one can select shoot date by selecting the appropriate date from the shoot date list & after which you have to press the go button for selection of camera for playback & dissertation project separately and then press the book button for booking of your schedule. You will get confirmation of your booking after your schedule is booked.

The slots would be booked by the students of PFT Department hence they are required to register their name to the online booking system by 25.05.2015 in the IT section and also for the demo.

Online Booking of Slots is closed!

After logout you can again login to take a printout your schedule.


Download Schedule

Screening Schedule 18th May 2015 –22nd May 2015

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Screening Schedule 18th May 2015 –22nd May 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Code Unknown
Dir: Michael Haneke
2000 | 113 min | French | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
The Piano Teacher
Dir: Michael Haneke
2001 | 125 min | French – German |DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
Time of The Wolf
Dir: Michael Haneke
2003 | 111 min | French -Romanian | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Dir: Michael Haneke
2005 | 118 min | French | DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
The White Ribbon
Dir: Michael Haneke
2009 | 137 min | German |DVD


















Screening Schedule 11th May 2015 –16th May 2015

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Screening Schedule 11th May 2015 –16th May 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Documentaries by R.V. Ramani Part-I

Main Th. 06:00 pm
Documentaries by R.V. Ramani Part-II
Main Th. 5:30 pm
Documentaries by R.V. Ramani Part-III
Dir: Louis Malle
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Dir: Ramona Diaz
2003 | 103 min | English-Filipino | DVD
Main Th. 6:00 pm
A Wedding in Ramallah
Dir: Sherine Salama
2002 | 86min | English |DVD
16.05.2015 The Devil Came On Horseback
Dir : Ricki Stern & Anne Sundberg
2007 | 85 min | English-Arabic | DVD


















Screening 4th May 2015 –8th May 2015

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Screening Schedule 4th May 2015 –8th May 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Elevator To The Gallows
Dir: Louis Malle
1958 | 88 min | French | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Murmur Of The Heart
Dir: Louis Malle
1971 | 118 min | French | DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
Lacombe, Lucien
Dir: Louis Malle
1974 | 138 min | French-German | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Playback Project + Diploma
Dir: Lubna Sharmin
Main Th. 6:00 pm
Black Moon
Dir: Louis Malle
1975 | 100 min | English | DVD


















Admit Card for Written Examination 10th May, 2015

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The admit card for the Written Examination to be held on 10th May 2015 is available on our admission portal entrance.srfti.ac.in . Please take a print out of the same using your login ID and password and produce it at the examination centre at 9 am on 10th MAY 2015 (together with your Identity Card, which should have your  Photograph, pasted on it and issued by Government Bodies/University/College).

Candidates who qualify in the written Examination and fulfil the eligibility criteria for admission (i.e. Graduation) will be called for an Interactive Orientation Course to be held at SRFTI, Kolkata. The list of candidates who qualify for this orientation Course will be available on our official website by 10/06/15.

Please note the following as well:

I)   Mobile phone, tablet, digital diary, calculator or any other such item(s) that are barred for security reason or assessed by the centre supervisor as unacceptable, will not be allowed in the examination hall.

II)   Answers are required to be written in English only. You are not supposed to write anything at the back of the front page. Answers are to be written within the space provided in the answer sheet.

III)   Candidates are supposed to carry pen & pencil (colour pencil may be needed for candidates of specialization in cinematography) in the examination hall. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before 11 am for any reason. No Candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall after 10:30 am.

In case of non receipt of admit card please contact helpdesk.

Admission Help Desk Ph No.- 033 24328355/033 24325827
Admission Help Desk Email ID.- admission15@srfti.ac.in