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Screening 30th March 2015 –4th April 2015

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Screening Schedule 30th March 2015 –4th April 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Il Grido
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni
1957 | 111 min | Italian | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni
1960 | 143 min | Italian | DVD
Main Th. 6:00 pm
La Notte
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni
1961 | 117 min | Italian | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Red Desert
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni
1964 | 116 min | Italian | Blu Ray
Main Theater 06:00 pm
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni
1966 | 106 min | English | DVD


















62 national Award Winner

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Congratulations SRFTI Winner

Congratulation! SRFTI students and alumni excel in 62nd national Awards with intrinsic faculty of storytelling and skills in their respective specializations.

This is a matter of pleasure and pride to inform you all that our students are making a mark in their endeavour of taking cinematic excellence forward.


Name of Award

Name of Film


Medal & Cash Prize


1. Best Film on family values

Towards the Silver Lining

Producer: Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute
Director: Bhabani Tamuli (SRFTI Student)

Rajat Kamal & INR 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director

For its sensitive portrayal of a paraplegic girl who build a house for her mother, and the touching bond between them

2. Best Audiography

Tender is the Sight

Anindit Roy, Ateesh Chattopadhyay &
Ayan Bhattacharya (SRFTI Alumni)

Rajat Kamal &
INR 50,000/-

The Film travels through the imaginary line
of manifest and unmanifest worlds of visual and sound that balance effortlessly
, imprinting the audience with a haunting aural experience

3. Best Non Feature Film

Tender is the Sight

Producer: Film Division
Director: Torsha Banerjee (SRFTI ALUMNI)

Rajat Kamal
& INR 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director

For its sensitive and lyrical portrayal of ten-year-old Hassirbullah, who, thought
visually challenged, creates a symphony of sounds.The film captures his universe, his life and his talent,
softly & gently

4 Best Biographical/Historical Reconstruction

Amar Katha: Story of Binodini

Producer: Films Division
Director: Tuhinabha Majumder (SRFTI ALUMNI)

Rajat Kamal &
INR 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director

For its stylistic and poetic portrayal of the 19th century theatre actress
Binodini Devi’s autobiography.

5. Best Investigative Film

Phum Shang

Producer: Films Division
Director: Haobam Pabam Kumar (SRFTI ALUMNI)

Rajat Kamal &
INR 50,000/- each to the Producer & Director

For its quiet and fair-hearted investigation of the fisherman
communities and their floating dwelling pn Loktak Lake, Manipur,
even as government agencies and conservationist struggle to save the lake.

Screening 23rd March 2015 –27th March 2015

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Screening Schedule 23rd March 2015 –27th March 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
The Mirror
Dir: Krzysztof Kieślowski
1975 | 102 min | Russian | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Dir: Sergei Parajanov
1965 | 92 min | Ukranian | DVD
Main Th. 6:00 pm
The Color of Pomegranates
Dir: Sergei Parajanov
1969 | 70 min | Armenian-Georgian | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
The Legend of Suram Fortress
Dir: Sergei Parajanov
1985 | 83 min | Georgian | DVD
Main Theater 06:00 pm
Ashik Kerib
Dir: Sergei Parajanov
1988 | 73 min | Georgian-Azerbaijani | DVD


















Screening 16th March 2015 –20th March 2015

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Screening Schedule 16th March 2015 –20th March 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
The Scar
Dir: Krzysztof Kieślowski
1976 | 112 min | Polish | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Camera Buff
Dir: Krzysztof Kieślowski
1979 | 117 min | Polish | DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
Blind Chance
Dir: Krzysztof Kieślowski
1981 | 122 min | Polish | DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Package NFB Films (Animations)
The films will be presented by Jessie Curell
2014 | 90 min | Canada
Preview Theater 06:00 pm
No End
Dir: Krzysztof Kieślowski
1985 | 103 min | Polish | DVD


















Best of Indian Cinema

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Admission 2015

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SRFTI Admission 2015  apply to SRIFT Admission 2015

Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

An Autonomous Institute Under Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting

Government Of India

SRFTI Admission 2015

 SRFTI, Kolkata, the premiere center of cinematic learning, invites applications for admission 2015 to Three – Year Post Graduate Program in /cinema (Full Time) for session 2015 – 2018

Medium of Instruction: English. Total Number of intakes: 68 max. For Animation, national intakes only. In other specializations 12 intakes each (2 seats are reserved for foreign students). For extant reservation rules please visit srfti.ac.in

Admission 2015 Test 

A written examination will be held at different centres on 10.05.15. Short listed candidates will be called for Interactive Orientation Session & Viva- Voce at the Institute.

How To Apply for admission 2015

Apply on-line only. Last date of submission: 15.04.15. For further details visit
www.srfti.ac.in. For any queries contact: admission15@srfti.ac.in



1.     Direction & Screenplay Writing

2.     Cinematography

3.     Editing

4.     Producing for Film & Television

5.     Sound Recording & Design

6.     Animation Cinema


Graduation in any discipline from a recognised university or equivalent.

For Animation Cinema, candidates should have proficiency in Drawing.

How To Apply for admission 2015

What all do you need to complete the Online application process for SRFTI for admission 2015 ?

As an applicant you would need the following:

  1. A unique E-mail ID for registration and for all future correspondence.
  2. Computer with internet connectivity,  printer, scanner or access to a cyber cafe which has these facilities.
  3. No additional documents are required for filling and submitting the online application.
  4. Original certificates issued by competent authority supporting your filled details would be asked from you ONLY at the time of Orientation/final admission. If data provided in the online application cannot be supported by suitable documents then your application / claim for admission can be summarily rejected.

The entire process of filling online application can be completed in four stages.  They are:

  1.  Registration for Online Application
  2.  Filling the following details in the application form :
    1. Basic Details
    2. Application Fee Details
    3. Personal Details
    4. Contact Details
    5. Qualification Details
    6. Upload Photograph, Signature and Challan

3.  Final Review and confirmation

apply to SRIFT Admission 2015

Each of these steps is explained in detail below:

Registration for Online Application [ For filling Up online application form for admission 2015 ]

  1. To register for the admission online, you must have a valid e-mail ID to which all communications pertaining to your application would be sent.
  2. Please click on “Apply Now!” given on the Admission page of the SRFTI  (srfti.ac.in).
  3. On clicking the link, you will be directed to a new page. Please click the link “3 years post graduate programme in Cinema” under list of examinations, which will take you to a new page having a Login and New User Section. Under the New User Section there is a link “Click here to start Registration Process”. Please click on this link
  4. When you click the link you will be shown a Registration Form asking for various details.Once you fill the details, you can click on the “Register” button at the bottom for completing the registration process.
  5. On successful submission of Registration Form, you would be shown a confirmation message on the screen. Also you will receive an e-mail from SRFTI on the e-mail ID provided by you in the Registration Form. This email will contain an activation link.You need to click on the link to confirm your registration process
  6. This confirmation e-mail might land up in your “Spam Folder”. So, in case you do not find the registration confirmation e-mail in your “Inbox”, please check your “Spam Folder”. If you find the e-mail from entrance@srfti.ac.in in your Spam Folder, please report it as “Not Spam” and/or add the same to your contact list so that the subsequent e-mails from entrance@srfti.ac.in always come in your Inbox.
  7. On clicking the activation link in the email, you will be directed to the same page having the Login and New User Section.

Filling up Online Application Form [Step 1 for filling Up online application form for admission 2015]

Note:    Before filling up the application form keep the required details

[ Download the challan proforma from the website or the link of online application page and deposit the requisite examination fee in any branch of  State Bank of India. ]

1.  Login to the Application form from the login section of the page with your user ID & password.

2. On successful login the Application form will open.[ Step 2 for filling Up online application form for admission 2015]

Upload Photo , Signature & Challan 

Guideline for uploading scanned photo , signature & challan

Photograph Image:


Signature Image:


Challan Image:


Scanning the photograph, signature & challan:


Procedure for Uploading the Photograph, Signature & Challan


Verification [ Step 2 for filling Up online application form for admission 2015]

Please review the information carefully that you have entered in the previous two screens. If you would like to change any information entered, you may do so by pressing ‘Edit’ button or press ‘Apply’ button for final submission.


Allotment of your Registration No.

You have successfully submitted Online Application Form for Admission 2015 to 3 years Post Graduate Programme in Cinema at SRFTI. Please note your registration no for any further reference. You are also required to print the Application form from the Application Form Link. After printing the application form you may logout from your account.


In case of any difficulty regarding the online application, please contact SRFTI

apply to SRIFT Admission 2015

Screening 9th March 2015 –13th March 2015

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Screening Schedule 9th March 2015 –13th March 2015
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Dir : Darren Aronofsky
2008|109 Min|English|DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
House of Flying Daggers
Dir : Zhang Yimou
2004|119 Min|Mandarin|DVD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
Dir : Andrei Tarkovsky
1979|163 Min|Russian|DVD
Main Th. 06:00 pm
Millennium Mambo
Dir : Hou Hsiao-Hsien
2001|119 Min|Mandarin| HD
Main Th. 5:30 pm
A Torino Lo
Dir : Bela Tarr, Agnes Hranitzky
2011|146 Min|Hungarian| HD


















Congratulations SRFTI Winner – NSFA 2015

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Mazda & Co.

Best Film, Short fiction upto 10 mins., 3rd National Student’s Film Award

Dir: Malcolm Mistry


Key Square

Best Screenplay, Short fiction above 10 mins and upto 30 mins, 3nd National Student’s Film Award

Screenplay – Shamik K Rakshit


Sewing Machine 

Best Cinematography, Short fiction above 10 mins and upto 30 mins, 3rd National Student’s Film Award

Cinematography: Ankit Arya


For Children Only

Best Sound Design, Non Fiction, 3rd National Student’s Film Award

Sound Design: Mikhial Marak